Monster Hunter Tri hands-on report: too hardcore for Wii gamers?

GamePro: "Monster Hunter Tri is an important game for Nintendo – an exclusive and hardcore action RPG with a massive Japanese following, but after trialling it at a recent Nintendo event, I'm not convinced that it will be an altogether popular game here.

In short – it's just not accessible enough. Nintendo is claiming it'd take around 100 hours to accumulate enough loot to be able to defeat the more difficult monsters, and I'm just not sure many people will be able to achieve that landmark. ...Casual Wii players are going to be put right off with this one."

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qface642993d ago

um its monster hunter regardless what system its on its not gonna be that popular over here either way

Ilikegames762990d ago

the Wii catering to the casual gamers/soccer moms/grandparents, and now they complain about a game being too hardcore. I don't know what to think of these so called journalist.

Imtey2990d ago

Too hardcore?!

NOTHING is too hardcore for the mighty beast that is the Wii!

ThanatosDMC2990d ago

A game for hardcore gamers not casual enough??? ::facepalm::

tunaks12991d ago

im sorry, too hardcore?
Seriously anyone picking up the game will have an idea of what there in for. I guess NA/Europe critics are never going to accept the Monster Hunter franchise.

N4g_null2991d ago

Yeah Mario 5 was a cake walk along with Mario kart.

mcgrawgamer2991d ago

i doubt nintendo secured this deal for the soccer moms and grandparents. This game was secured for the gamers screaming for more traditional games on the wii. may not sell a lot in the states alone but it will have very nice numbers and if the indication that neither me or my old man can find a demo disc spanning both greensboro NC and columbia SC should be a good indication that at least gamers in the states are trying to see what the game is about.

grumpysmurf2991d ago

100 hours of grinding to face the big monsters actually sounds kind of fun: it gives you a clear prize to work towards at least.

GrrrlGamerX2991d ago

100 hours of grinding is never fun. Not even if its grinding in the bedroom. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.