DualShockers Review: MLB 10 The Show

DualShockers writes: "It seems that with every passing year, video game sports simulations are constantly becoming more authentic. In the past 4 years, no series has lived up to that standard more so than MLB The Show from SCE San Diego Studio. With little room for improvement, they have once again proved why not only is the series the best baseball game on the market, it also sets the standard for sports simulation as a whole. Sorry Madden fans, while MLB 10 The Show may not be perfect it really is just that damn good."

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iiprotocolii3177d ago

Definitely something I need to try. The last MLB Show game I played was 08. And that seems far too long. lol. Although I hear that there are some quirks that this game needs to work out.

Hitman07693177d ago

I want to get my hands on this as well.

iiprotocolii3177d ago

Some people are all for this over 2K10 and vice versa. I'm wondering which game is actually much more realistic in the sense of gameplay than visuals.

Hitman07693177d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing a back to back feature comparison on these two at some point.

Another One3177d ago

The Show wins in both areas from everything I've read. I'm a huge baseball fan and wanted to make the best choice. I think The Show is far and away the better game.

taz80803177d ago

MLB the SHow franchise has officially taken over the best sports franchise title

Another One3177d ago

I recently got it and it's a lot of fun. Baseball fans will love it on higher levels. It's absolutely brutal if you don't take pitches and work the count or if you miss your location (which is easy to do if your timing is only slightly off). It really is a good game though. I'd recommend it to any baseball fan.