PlayStation Move Gimps 4-Player Support

Sony has just confirmed with us that PlayStation Move cannot support 4 players in its full configuration.

The complete experience of PlayStation Move requires two controllers per person, either two PlayStation Move wands or one wand and one sub (nunchuk-like) controller.

Our previous look was with the Wii MotionPlus, which clocked in at $80 per person to be fully equipped. That was $40 for the Wiimote, $20 for the Nunchuck and another $20 for the MotionPlus dongle. Now, you can get a WiiMote + MotionPlus bundle for $50, bringing the 1 person cost down to $70, factoring in the Nunchuck. For four people, assuming you didn't trash the bundled WiiMote and Nunchuck from your Wii console purchase, the cost would be $230.

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Sonyslave33117d ago

It only does everything....nintendo does.

ryano232773116d ago

Sony have AAA games.

Nintendo has 1.

NateNater3116d ago

Nintendo and Sony are both successful companies. Sony saw how much the cheap little Wii sold. Now there is a massive Wii market.

Sony's new controller is very similar to the Wii controller. Thus, Sony can easily appeal to the Wii market with their new controller. The Wii needs some competition anyway. Its all just business.

Foliage3116d ago

XBOX 360: It only does microtransactions, if you get one of the minority that don't fall to RROD failure.

I can see why the 360 doesn't have any good catch phrases. Too disappointing.

Natal: You are the TOOL. Experience the PS2 leading edge technology.

Tony-A3117d ago

Yeah, let's have 4 people trying to squeeze in front of the TV and swing wildly....

Better off without.

Raf1k13117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

From the article:
'Four PlayStation Move controllers can connect to a PS3 at one time (or two PlayStation Move Controllers and 2 PlayStation Move sub-controllers).'

The article states that a complete experience requires 4 people each using a dual controller setup.

As far as I can tell it can support four players.
The kinds of games that allow 4 player gaming are the kind that only require one Move controller (e.g. bowling or that silly painting game).
When it comes to games that require a either two Move controllers or a Move + nunchuk setup they are the kinds of games that will likely only allow for two player gaming (e.g. Motion Fighters).

So where's the problem?
Can anyone think of a game (motion specific) that would require four people to use a dual controller setup?

ChozenWoan3116d ago

My living room is only so big. I can't imagine a game that would require 4 people to use two PSMoves each that would be fun. I could imagine that after about 10 mins of that type of gaming that someone would be getting rushed to the minor emergency center to put their eye back in. Not to mention that there is only so much screen space on my TV. I've got a modest 37in and I hate to even share 1 pixel, let alone half or even 75% of it.

So as I stated before...
Not an Issue!

Now all the trolls can go back to pushing a hoop with a stick.

A stick.

whateva3116d ago

How about a 4 player boat rowing game when you need 2 "Moves" to row your boat? lol

is it sad that I only have 1 DS3 but I'm buying 2 Move controllers the day they come out?

speaking of boats ....

pixelsword3116d ago

1. Natal can only do one at a time from what I hear, so nuts to that.

2. How many people play four players at a time? You can go to youtube and see like... I can't even say, because I've never seen four people play at the same time since internet gaming got a foothold; two, yes; but not four.

If someone can find someone playing four players playing at the same time on a Wii/360/PS3 game that's not a promo clip, please post it, as I'm sure there's games out there that do, but I can't name them; I can't even find footage.

I'd appreciate it if someone found some footage of four player splitscreen gaming with real gamers and not some promo stuff.

Pillage053116d ago

Most likely not an issue. Most people who own 4 wiimotes only own 2 nunchucks mainly because of price and the fact that pretty much every 4 player game only requires the wiimote. And if I remember right the ps3 can have seven controllers hooked up(why they choose 7?) so you could have 3 people with both...and even one more with just the move.

BRG90003116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

"Can anyone think of a game (motion specific) that would require four people to use a dual controller setup?"

A kart racer that steers with the joystick and aims and fires weapons with the wand.

An arcade-style brawler (think double dragon or castle crashers or ninja turtles in 3D) that uses the joystick to move your character and the wand to swing your weapon.

A doubles tennis game without WiiSports-esque auto move.

A split-screen shooter.

There are definitely plenty of reasons you would want to be able to do this. That it's impossible doesn't cripple Move by any means, but it's naive to claim there would be no use for such a feature.

lokiroo4203116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

To quote another video,

"by the way this is running on the ps2"

Christopher3116d ago

I don't see the issue, honestly. While the Wii has a few, and that's very few, games that can support more than 2 players at once, the mass majority are 1 or 2 person games. There also aren't a lot of game that support 4 players anyway. LBP will only use one or two PSMove controllers and 2 dualshocks for 4 player, and that's about it for games that can be played with 4 players in one living room at the same time. Natal also doesn't support up to 4 people at once due to the field of action and limitations to getting 4 people moving around in it at once.

So, really, not seeing the issue.

mikeslemonade3116d ago

Not a problem since you can play online with more people. The Wii online however, is a complete hassle, so you pretty much have to fit 4 people to play 4 player games.

Rumor3116d ago

if they have to sacrifice and put a wire in, then so-be-it!!!!!
this is ridiculous!!

IHateYouFanboys3116d ago


Natal does 4 player motion tracking. this has been confirmed on many occasions.

shadow27973116d ago

The summary is from an entirely different article...

Which, by the way, seems to forget that there's a game included in that $100 bundle and thus completely miscalculates the entire thing.

pixelsword3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Are you talking about the pre- or post-chip Natal confrimation?

Or even better, can you provide a clip that's an actual game being played and not a commercial/target render?

That's all I asked for, it seems that no one can prove or provide it, all they can do is hit disagree and think that's proof enough. I don't.

Now, I'm not doubting it, I just haven't seen it. I'm sure if it even comes out it'll be something lame like that stupid four people hitting one button target render, which is weak because that's no different than hitting a button on a controller; I'm talking like four people using their whole bodies. I'm not Nostradamus, but I predict you won't see that at E3.

Pocketaces1113116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

If you're gonna make a stupid comment like that back it up as I agree never seen it once. Put a link or something in stead of a one word answer. I just did a google search and any comments are vague and unofficial at best so next time come with some fact man.

So it looks like Gientenemycrab did you're work for you but it only for a trivia game and that's the only way I see that happening which is no different with the move in fact there are probably more opportunities with move as you can point at the screen the trivia think was only working with a pad hitting motion the rest was voice recognition which ps3 can do I'm sure.

IHateYouFanboys3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

fine, since apparently im the only one who needs to provide evidence to support my claims in here, ill do the work for you guys:


"The skeletal mapping technology shown at E3 2009 was capable of simultaneously tracking up to four users for motion analysis"


"We can track up to four players in the same way we track controllers. Each individual player will be able to choose - do I want to bind with a controller, or do I want to bind with my body, or do I want to bind with both?"


"It’s multiplayer as well."


"What I saw proved how clearly Natal was easily reading both my body and his as we both stood in front of the sensors. We appeared on screen as simplified, mutli-jointed stick figure skeletons within silhouettes of our bodies. It clearly saw us as separate people. There would be no problem, he said, for the system to support a game that let us play at the same time and track our movements separately."


"This wire-frame system also allows Natal to recognize four players at once without getting overlapping limbs confused. "

i could go on and on, that was just a google search for 'natal multiplayer' - you couldve very easily seen all this for yourself instead of trying to raise doubts about what i was saying purely so you can make out that Natal isnt capable of doing multiple players at once.

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xTruthx3117d ago

You talking about a company who launched with a 700+ dollar console and still managed to become the 3rd fastest selling console, so I wouldn't worry about it

RememberThe3573116d ago

Sony just can't do anything right...


rockleex3116d ago

Of all time.

Only behind the Wii and PS2.

Amazing isn't it? ^_^

prodg523117d ago

Instead of saying they messed up in the first article they wrote about it being way expensive, they put the blame on sony. Even though sony from the beginning said only 4 controllers could be used at a time. I knew this and I'm not even at GDC!

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