AggroGamer Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Single Player)

AggroGamer: ""B" Squad, AKA Bad Company, is back! EA and DICE have returned with a much improved sequel with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Hope you are ready for the next mission filled with more explosions, more destruction, and even more laughs.

You return as Preston Marlowe, along with your entire squad from the first game, consisting of Terrance Sweetwater, George Haggard, and Samuel "Sarge" Redford. But before you get to play the games from the eyes of Private Marlowe, the game takes you on a trip to the past. You begin in Japan on a mission set during World War II. You are in search of a secret weapon the Japanese have, called Aurora, and ends with serious consequences. Flash back to the future and you are ready to take on your present day missions."

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