10°'s PlayStation Move Titles Hands-On

Nick Ahrens of writes:

"Sony's new Move controller is all the talk here at GDC 2010. Some are skeptical and others are quite excited. Sony is definitely chasing Nintendo with the Move's imagery featuring the families having fun in nice living rooms. But what about the games themselves? Well, we took them all for a ride to see how they felt. While a lot of people have been making the joke "Wii HD", there is more to the Move's abilities. Read on for our impression of the games they showed at the event. Also, don't miss our breakout on the Move version of SOCOM 4 and the interesting info we were able to unearth."

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GrooveChampion3172d ago

Bravo Game Informer, that was a mighty nice article. I'm impressed by the demos and impressions, looking forward to more.