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Tinted Eyes3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Heavy Rain charted top 10! Yes.

Too bad PS3 has shortages

LordMarius3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Yes the PS3 had shortages but just see all the 360 fanboys ignore that

Carlton Banks3200d ago

Kind of crazy that the only time the 360 can win is when both other consoles are having shortages.

shocky163200d ago

360 outsells both the Wii and PS3 you say? SO nicest. ^________^

Carlton Banks3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Are you saying those shortages are lie? Wth? So Amazon Best Buy and other retailers are saying you can only buy a limited amount to keep Sony safe from N4G ownage?


EDIT: The disagrees are delicious, but unless you got a link proving Sony is lying about their shortages, I'm still the right one :)

Immortal Kaim3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Massive month for 360 sales, 422K in Feb must be up year over year. Great numbers for PS3 as well given the shortages, Sony really needs to get on top of that...

Heavy Rain did pretty well, I would think it would have sold great across PAL territories as well.

@ Carlton: Do you really need to introduce your moronic fanboy comments this early into the thread?

Rampant3200d ago

2010 year of the ps3....Wii.......oh 360. NICE

So what the ps3 had shortages? Even though I find it hard a few 100 000 people are out there looking for ps3s, it just says that Microsoft is better at meeting demand than Sony.

"Well I only got the olympic bronze, but I had a flu a few days ago so that means I win!"

mint royale3200d ago

Gotta say well done 360. I don't own one anymore but at least I can appreciate it did well this month without having to attack it ala previous comments. Sad.

Heavy Rain top 10! - YES! It deserves it.

Nintendo needs to price cut the wii!

Greywulf3200d ago

Yet, Microsoft does pretend that being #2 means #1.

chrisnick3200d ago

the 80-100,000 a month gap in japan takes care of that easily.

On another note, how can npd post these numbers when they don't get all the numbers from every single retailer? Wouldn't that make it about as unreliable a vg chartz to deliberately leave sales out?

deadreckoning6663200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Wow, very impressive month for the 360 and PS3!

"On another note, how can npd post these numbers when they don't get all the numbers from every single retailer? Wouldn't that make it about as unreliable a vg chartz to deliberately leave sales out?"

That probably wouldn't help either. What about people who buy consoles second hand? Ebay? Also, I buy my games from a hole in the wall store from an Asian guy that doesn't charge tax and gets games the SAME day as regular retailers. Im not the only one who does this. We can NEVER have an accurate amount of how much each console or game is selling.

@Cold- ROFL, the excuses pile up don't they. Next month ill be a hoot! I don't understand why they keep buying into this "PS3 will take second place this gen" idea. ITS-NOT-GUNNA-HAPPEN. The 360 still has another price drop this year and possibly a slimmed down ,more reliable version..oh, and lets not forget the monster that will be Natal.

IMO Sony's shotages DON'T exist. It was DAMAGE CONTROL.

Rampant3200d ago

Better than sony fanboys pretending to be #1 while stuck dead last.

Oh, and chrisnick obviously never has learned anything about statistics.

Montrealien3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

don't Nintendo have shortages also? We always ingnore that little don't we?

great month, our industry is as strong as ever. We win!

HolyOrangeCows3200d ago

Less than half a million for Dante's Ripoff (With a terrible final 3 quarters of the game). It sold more than it deserved.

chrisnick3200d ago

Where's the ps3 version? See? That's why you don't take ms money for temporary exclusivity. PS3 owners aren't dumb. They could've easily doubled what they sold.

Cold 20003200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

360 outsold the PS3 in Januray too.

Was that because of the shortages too ? LOL.

First it was console bans, then it was the MW2 bundle, then it was ME2 (called a non-system mover here on N4G before release), now its PS3 shortages.

Cant wait for next months excuse.

mint royale3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )


MS won the month. What do you want them to do? If Sony or Nintendo won the month they'd be happy and any rational person would expect them to be. So well done.

Yep nintendo had shortages but their main problem is a price tag thats not much different to launch. Just look how much cheaper the 360 and ps3 are from launch and you see why nintendo just beats the competition now instead of crushing them.

Homicide3200d ago

LMAO! Shortages....right....and it somehow managed to sell 360k with shortages.

Rampant3200d ago

Every month since november has been about the ps3 shortages. November was also the first time xbox360 outsold the ps3 since the launch of Slim.

LordMarius3200d ago

Lol reading all these comments,
there is always a reason why a console sells more or less, but you 360 fanboys can call it an excuse instead, it still doesn't change reality.

Also congrats to Heavy Rain.

Hakimy3200d ago

kinda predictable if you read vgchartz weekly sales.they showed the xbox360 outselling the ps3 in the US while ps3 outsold the xbox360 in Japan and Europe.if you calculate the February weeks sales there then the ps3 outsold the xbox360 worldwide.disagree if you want,I'm just stating the numbers shown by vgchartz ;)

blue7xx73200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Holy crap did the xbox 360 really outsell both the wii and PS3 wow. I wonder what brought on those sales for the xbox 360 in February.

3200d ago
CrazzyMan3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

But competitors not that far.
Still, Wii and PS3 were outsold by x360, even if due shortages, it`s Sony/Nintendo problem and not MS.

x360 is still serious competitor in NA. But i`m looking forward sales, when both Wii and PS3 won`t have problems with supply.

DS still a monster...))

p.s. If Wii and PS3 had no shortages during those 2 months, then why 90% of time both consoles are out of stocks on amazon?

@commodore64 - so you say, that while Wii was able to sell around 4M(!) in December - NOW was oustold by x360 NOT because of Wii shortages? Same goes for PS3.
You FAIL at logic.

Rampant3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

The reason was, obviously:

Bioshock 2
Mass Effect 2
PS3 supply constrained
Wii supply constrained

Congrats MS on being able to meet demand. It is really important that people can see your product on the shelves as they walk by.

[email protected]: Hai guys I found your ps3s

Strange, seems like of the 100 000+ people out there looking for ps3s at least 20 should have looked at Amazon ;D;D;D;D

ActionBastard3200d ago

The Xbox 360 added around 90,000 units from January to February and the PS3 went up from 276,900 to 360,100. PS3 is doing just fine.

TOO PAWNED3200d ago

As PS3 fan have to say nice 360 numbers, props to MS. Overall incredible numbers for Feb, insane!
Yay for HR! 4 days on sale.
DI PS3 > 360
PS3 modern warfare close to 360
Also great software sales.
March is going to be wild.

Worst time for sony to have shortage. Someone should be fired, who ever is responsible for shortage. MS keep on gaining ground in USA

commodore643200d ago

Ps3 shortages?
Gimme a break!

Sony sold 1.5 million ps3s in December.
Are you guys telling me that somehow, magically, Sony has forgotten how to manufacture ps3 units since then, FOR TWO MONTHS straight?

SOny had no trouble producing and selling units last year.
Why the change of tune in Jan and Feb?
Is it an excuse for giving up the lead in NPD?

Carlton Banks3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Hey Commodore, instead of assumptions how about you just prove Sony is lying about their shortages?

Its ok, I'll wait. Lulz.

EDIT: Still no link to Sony lying about their recent shortages??

Anyone? Anyone? :)

OmarJA-N4G3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Good job Sony & congrats to Heavy Rain. :)


Disagrees? cry me a river.

Cyrax_873200d ago

Great numbers all round for all consoles. I'm actually really impressed, especially for these numbers being done in February. I guess that's the Mass Effect/Heavy Rain magic working. =)

gaffyh3200d ago

Wow, Wii dropped A LOT, they REALLY must be suffering from shortages. Either that or the Wii fad is dying out.

Nikuma3200d ago

Both PS3 and Wii have hardware shortages atm. 360 still sold well regardless.

mint royale3200d ago

Still calling the wii a fad eh? Thats as silly as saying the ps2 fad is dying out.

Neo6043200d ago

In the other hand last gen concole parts are cheap and abundants.
Got it now?

EVILDEAD3603200d ago

Pachter claimed that the PS3 was the only system that showed growth and said the 360 only was going to do 350K..

Guess NPD proved him and VG wrong..

EA has got to looove those B2 sales..and who knew that the PS3 fans like Dante after all..the analysts were wrong about that too

Plus Mass Effect 2 is still getting it in..

Heavy Rain did good too..

I own 5 of the top 10..but wait till next month's huge game numbers

StanLee3200d ago

Holy sh*t did Dante's Inferno really sell more on the PS3 than the XBox 360. LOL!

jwatt3200d ago

Yea I don't get the PS3 shortages either, My guess is because Sony did a world wide release of the PS3 slim plus FF fantasy in Japan but I still don't think there should be any shortages. Anyways good numbers for 360 and good numbers for playstation as a whole and Nintendo always good!

thebudgetgamer3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

ps3 at gamstop

ps3 at walmart

ps3 at target

ps3 at best buy

edit: i was one of the 422.000.

Carlton Banks3200d ago

Bu bu bu bu Sony is lying about teh shortages!! *cries*

k-Lan3200d ago

The software numbers on the PS3 are horrible. I guess the "slim effect" has worn off.

@ deadreckoning666

"IMO Sony's shotages DON'T exist. It was DAMAGE CONTROL"

lmao! So true. *shakes head*

maniacmayhem3200d ago

You really expect a link saying that they lied about the shortages.

The funny thing is you actually believe there are shortages for the PS3. Every store I've been in has had CRAP loads of PS3's for sale.

I bet you would believe Sony built the pyramids if an official statement came out.

OmarJA-N4G3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Bubbles to thebudgetgamer...

They'll just keep disagreeing & walk away like they always do. :)

blind-reaper3200d ago

good for heavy rain, I wasn't expecting to be on the top 10, I hope the good sales encourage quantic dream into making more games.

Carlton Banks3200d ago

No but I would love a link or at least some evidence except for just assumptions.

So sorry that I take the word of Sony over some random people on N4G *rolls eyes*

And what the hell was that comment about craploads of PS3's in your area? You think that convinces ANYONE?

Watch I can do it too:

"Every store I have been in my area had no PS3's for sale."

There I guess Sony wasn't lying about the shortages after all. LMFAO

And no I would not believe if Sony said they built the pyramids, that comment was pretty irrelevant but if you got some evidence I would love for you to share it.

saint_john_paul_ii3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

yes lol what shortages????

what shortages??????

end sarcasm....

i just went to gamestop last week and they didnt have any PS3s available.

somethings up. aparently a new sku is coming up which makes the PS3 slim even slimmer. its pretty much a given that that they wont do well in the NPD this month as well.

they could outsell the 360 this month, but just barely. such a missed opportunity for SONY, especially when GOW3 is coming up next week.

as for the wii, it looks like the party is over for nintendo, until the next big game comes up.

KingME3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Funny how things work, as of right now there are only 1 NPD results story on N4G, had the PS3 out sold the wii and 360, there would be ten different versions of the same story on this site, all heating up quickly.


It is what it is, whether it's from shortages, a big title or whatever, the fact still remains that the PS3 and wii were outsold by the 360.

If I was racing you and halfway through the race you broke your leg, and lost the race, does it change the fact that you were beat in the race. I'm sorry that you broke your leg, but you still lost. Excuse are for weak minded people that can't deal with defeat.

If you stepped into the game and lost, I don't want to hear that your hamstring was tight, if you weren't ready to compete then you should not have entered the game, but since you did enter the game it only makes you appear weak to make excuses for why you lost.

Maybe not the best analogy, but anyone with half a brain should be able to get my point.

If you want to blame someone for shortages, blame Sony for not properly being in touch with the demand for their product.

N4BmpS3200d ago

Ignoring the dude above (1.47 Don't know what he said)Not a bad month for gaming I'm Surprised MW2 is still selling over 500k units. What didn't surprise me is how Bioshock 2 isn't on NPD for the PS3 and another surprise is that Dante's Inferno is selling a tad better on the PS3(it's on 10k or less of a difference). But there was a shortage of both the Wii's and PS3's so that might explain alot Heavy Rain sold a lot w.w.(that's world wide for you slow ones)like over 500,000 W.W. So I expected it to be up on this list. Overall casuals and f.p.s' dominate this list with a healthy dose of Hack n Slash.

IdleLeeSiuLung3200d ago

I find it interesting that nobody, but Sony is complaining about shortages especially since they were expecting a surge in sales!

With a price cut and Sony didn't prepare enough stock! With two three major games (Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and Final Fantasy 13) and they didn't prepare enough stock? Was their Holiday sales so good they didn't anticipate the demand? Really? Really?

Either Sony didn't have faith in their sales and didn't prepare stock or there are no shortages. I tend to believe the latter. None the less those are very respective numbers for Sony.

Either way I think both MS and Sony can patt themselves on the back for matching more or less Wii's sale!

Veneno3200d ago

BS2 360 is #1 and PS3 version doesn't even place? and MW2 is still strong. is it true? America only likes rehashed FPS garbage?

Cueil3200d ago

All three consoles were short through Feb... Microsoft only picked it up right in the last week and then only by a little

3200d ago
DaTruth3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Even if you find PS3's in stock today, This is the February NPD, not the March NPD!

Proving PS3 has no shortages in mid-March has nothing to do with what happened in February!

Wow, 422,000 in February. Not even a good console selling month!

beardpapa3200d ago

PS3 no shortages? Go to walmart. Go to target. Gamestop. Bestbuy.

Only place that I know that has some PS3s is Fry's.

Perkel3200d ago


good for 360 fanboys ;) 80k more consoles in usa where in japan it sold over 100k also in europe it out sold x360 like always ;)

still ousold wordwide x360 people ..

SixZeroFour3200d ago

are online shortages the same as in store shortages?

evrfighter3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

not really. amazon has a list of about 30 vendors that have ps3's in stock. I just came back from walmart and yes there were ps3's still there.

Since ps3 fanboys like to use amazons top charts for n4g articles. I don't see any shortages.

Tiger Direct has ps3's @ $289 in stock. free shipping and no tax.

TG, Amazon, and Newegg are the places people familiar with online buying would look first before retail stores.
Especially for anything tech/game related as all the retail stores including gamestop would charge you tax and shipping

real online stock (not big box as in-store stock takes priority) looks fine and in-store stock looks fine. All I see are

excuses excuses


ape0073200d ago

that is modern warfare 2 on both consoles

LoL Gotta love the haters

ThanatosDMC3200d ago

I finally got lucky and was able to get my hands on a PS3 Slim in a ghetto and dangerous Best Buy. I can assure you that PS3 Slims are either low in stock or out of stock in stores. I went through 9 electronics stores till i got one.

lelo2play3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

WOW, surprising... X360 has more sales then the Wii. Good sales all around. As for Heavy Rain, i expected more sales from them.

As for the excuse ... shortages. Sales like Nintendo Wii (397.9K) and PS3 (360.1K), don't give reason for the excuse shortages. Microsoft could also claim with their sales 3k for the X360 every week in Japan are shortages... LOL

Dandiego3200d ago

Who cares really... 360 benefits from PS3 and vice versa. Competition is beneficial for US so stop acting like you hold stock and be happy this is a close war.

vhero3200d ago

Wow GOTY the first Bioshock got... you never would have guessed looking at those numbers for the sequel.. Especially how this one was multiplatform..

pegger243200d ago

what does the winner get? even more important what do all the people arguing about sales numbers get? you guys all make wild assumptions about why something did or didn't do well,

guess what?! THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON THINGS SELL AND DON'T SELL!!! who would have tought that? Endless conjecture with no real support for how many sales were gained or lost because of a particular reason is silly. Just because something "makes sense" doesn't mean it is that way in reality. If they didn't have ps3's in stores, who's fault is that? you guys should not be in here complaining about something not selling or making excuses for a company you have no real vested interest in. Jesus Christ, if you did have stock in the company you should be pissed at Sony for not correctly analyzing demand for their product.

Dance3199d ago

Stop making excuses and gratz to MS

indyman77773199d ago

Yes PS3 had shortages, and yes xbox360 has had shortages and sale outs with the 120gig for awhile NOW! Too bad (hypocritical) PS3 fansboys, and fangirls will ignore that.

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captainjy3200d ago

BAM! 360 rocks another great month!!!!

LordMarius3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

60K difference, nothing Japan can't cover

maniacmayhem3200d ago

Yes Japan owns the world.

Droid Smasha3200d ago

ps3rd place forever hahahaha