PlayStation Move Could Be A Major Threat

PlayStrum writes: "Sony's PlayStation Move had its own 40 minute conference where games and brand new announcements were revealed. With a release date planned for Fall 2010, the Move will be going head-to-head with Microsoft's Natal. Unfortunately for Microsoft's motion control platform, Sony's PS Move has potential to grab audiences who would be interested in both Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Project Natal. Here's how:"

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ChozenWoan3119d ago

Off coarse, that is if they can fix the shortages problem.

RageAgainstTheMShine3119d ago

All we need now it for Skype and Yahoo to jump in and we are all set!

k-Lan3119d ago

"It Only Does WiiHD & Project Natal"

If i were you, i would get my box of tissue ready for E3.

mushroomwig3119d ago

As long as the price is right and they release a few "killer" apps then yes, it'll be a major threat to both Natal and The Wii.

Sony have a habit of overpricing new products though, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Otheros003119d ago

so you love microsoft priced hard drives and other microsoft priced accessories??


Move Controllers + PS Eye the Camera + 1 Game = Under $100.

I don't see anything overpriced.

Nicholas Cage3119d ago

you want to know why so many articles here are bashing the systems? hits. they want to see the same people get tangled in the same conversation over and over again and.....if you want more pm me. im your new leader.

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