Uncharted 2 designer concedes story lags in final act

Destructoid: During "Among Friends," Richard Lemarchand's Uncharted 2 postmortem at GDC 10, the co-lead designer admitted that the macro-design of the story and gameplay beats early on in production resulted in a mechanically exciting, but narratively lacking final act in the mythic city of Shambhala.

"There aren't really enough strong story beats there to match the length and the intensity of the gameplay," Lemarchand said. "At the end of the day, we'd committed too much to the level in terms of its final art and we couldn't really bring about a perfect fit [between the story and the action]."

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Chris3993049d ago

I really enjoyed the City of Gold (or whatever, don't really recall). Very Indiana Jonesish.

I thought that the pacing was a bit spotty in the middle. And there were a few loose plot threads. Felt that they were trying to juggle too many ideas.

WildArmed3048d ago

Other than having to do the train climbing parts twice (ch1 n 12?), i don't have any criticism towards their acts.

But the pace increased exponentially during the last 4 chapters, which was very cool.

Umm.. oh yeah, the boss fight could have been better. Kinda felt unsatisfying compared to taking down helis and fat dude with armors and tanks and .. you get the point ;)

But ofc, after the fight what happens to Drakken (? i forgot his name) made it all worth it!

'DRAKE! You will NOT stand in the way of DESTINY!'

I heard that line waaay too many times during my crushing playthrough.

Kleptic3048d ago

I guess I was expecting more twists with the main villian...early on in the game I thought he was just a military pawn of some one else...but turns out its just him...

not that that was really bad or anything, just didn't expect it...

One thing though...many will probably disagree...I actually like the finale to the story of Uncharted 1 more than 2...the way the corpse breath or whatever turned everyone into zombies...that was awesome...Uncharted 2 was cool with the glowing sap and everything too, but not as cool as turning rich guys into zombies that come after you...

still one of my all time favorite games...

HOSe3048d ago

ya i agree when you got to that final city it was pretty cool. rest of the game = bleh, traded it in for mw2, :P

NateNater3048d ago

Are you fvcking serious? lol

Denethor_II3048d ago

Concedes, but why concede? Were you pressured? I don't understand.

Biggest3048d ago

Concede makes the fanboys feel better about "victory". I guess now they have to give back all those awards and high marks for story. I'm disappointed in you, Naughty Dog. I thought it was a great story with a classic finish. But now I see that you drugged my Lucky Charms and I was wrong.

SeanScythe3048d ago

Just glad they didn't go Last Crusade with the story at the end. I thought Drake would get the magic sap and heal elena with it like Indy did to his dad. It was a great story loved it and hated to see it end. I think more could have been done in Shambhala, they just seemed to be trying to get out when they spent the entire game trying to get there. Yeah they found out it's ruled by insane brutes, but still they left with nothing and destoryed the entire city. Loved the game though and i still have it and don't plan on trading it in.