Gears of War Creators' New Tech Sure To Inspire Sequel Guesswork

Kotaku: What could be in a new Gears of War? Clues are always included in the major Game Developers Conference demonstrations of the Unreal Engine.

Epic Games' evolving game-making tech is shopped to developers here at GDC in San Francisco, but it also teases the potential of what Epic will do in any of its games, including the expected - Iif announced - Gears of War 3.

This year, Epic was showing off a new mesh paint tool and new support for vertex definition, a spline deformation tool and other terms, that honestly, we can't translate for you here at Kotaku.

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Sonyslave33139d ago

Damn Gears of war and halo in the same year Sony fvck.

GR8 13139d ago

"One day we'll show you what we're doing with this. When you see what we're doing with this, it's going to blow your mind."

"Gears Of War 3 will blow your mind"


i_am_interested3139d ago

seriously, what was the point of that meat cube?

KionicWarlord2223139d ago

It was to show physics in the game .

Inside the gears of war worm was amazing . A lot of the effect of the meat cube was used on the hearts and veins and...pretty much everything in the worm .

siyrobbo3139d ago

it was a tech demo, nothing more nothing less

darkequitus3139d ago

Yes just a tech demo. But like all their tech demos, those techniques are implemented well in their games.

Fanb0y3139d ago

WHERE IS BUNGIE AND SAAKING! Dam, I miss them already.

The meat cube was pretty gross. The Gears 2 worm mission was even more so, but it looked quite impressive. I do believe they implement the plusses of their tech quite well. They showed off massive numbers of enemies on-screen at once, water rippling, and meat jiggling...

pixelsword3139d ago

it made me hungry for some reason lol

Johnny Rotten3139d ago

when I think of "meat cube" I think of space jocks on steroids.


maxcer3139d ago

we should have the meat cube in multiplayer as the only cover available

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Sonyslave33139d ago

MS is going all out this year Gears of war 3 and Halo reach can both easily sell 9m.

plb3139d ago

I suspect Halo Reach will do close to 3 million if not more within 24hrs...ODST junk did 2 million on day 1 and reach looks awesome.

3139d ago
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