Sony Playstation Move Motion-Controller Review

Sony's newest motion controller, called the PlayStation Move, isn't much to look at but its precision blew us away. Looking like two ice cream cones, the Playstation Move was demonstrated at the 2010 Games Developer Conference.
"A more precise, immersive, and responsive game experience" - SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida
Sony Playstation Move demonstrates its gaming capabilities

The PS Move showed us its 'moves' over a wide range of games:

First up was a friendly game of table tennis, where the Playstation Move showed us it accurate recognition of subtle wrist movements and its ability to call the differences between a backhand and a power smash. We couldn't quite figure out what gesture spinned the ball but saw it occurring frequently.

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NateNater3052d ago

Yea I would actually call it a preview instead of a review

Optical_Matrix3052d ago

How are they managing to review tech that still in pre-alpha? What on earth.