White Knight Chronicles 2 status update

The President and CEO of Level-5, Akihiro Hino, gives a status update on the development of White Knight Chronicles 2.

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Chris3992930d ago

Nothing else needs to be said.

Oh, maybe allow the user to set the battle speed (ala certain Final Fantasies).

Noctis Aftermath2930d ago

I have a feeling that this isn't going to be a large improvement over the first.

Chris3992930d ago

Prettier character models (which they're doing) and a faster battle system would make this game a 9/10 in my books.

And GeoNet is a little clunky too; so I'd like to see some improvements there. But you have to give them props for giving you FREE online action in a JRPG. That's a first, really.

Man In Black2930d ago

and make combat more like that old E3 trailer. That looked AWESOME. And if it means no online, I'd be all for it. A fantastic single player is better than an average single player and decent online. Also, involve your avatar more, make it so that he doesn't look so goddamn ugly compared to in the character creation screen, and let him talk.

callahan092930d ago

The original has gorgeous environments, and the environments here look even better still. Simply stunning.

Redempteur2930d ago

more quests ..
6 players for quests
allow players to fight each other ( not in quests but in separates areas)
I want to kick his ass ( kara's brother ) so you'd better give me a better fight than in teh second

more classes ( aka more skill trees )

rockleex2929d ago

When can we get Dark Cloud 3 in 3D + Move?


Saigon2929d ago

but too many discredit it...yes the game has faults, but nothing too glaring...

The only thing I would like them to do is fix the menu selection it just seems odd and clunky to me...also add 4 players to the battle field...

Godmars2902929d ago

So long as:

- there's some actual meat in the story.
- game mechanics are more "fun."
- you designed character is less than a 5th wheel.

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RedPawn2930d ago

They need to update the art style of their in game sprites, and for the love of God get help w/the voices.

I luv WKC but they need to move forward witha little better production.

Blaster_Master2930d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I disagree. Their NPC models are really nice. They just need more lore, and more creatures to identify itself a real world. However, the first is a great first start for the franchise, I haven't hardly even messed with the online and I think over all, WKC is a better game then FF13, but FF13's combat system is really dope. I just didn't like the story at all. But everything else is really dope.

@ Gaming sucks now.

Dude, this is Level 5's first game out this gen. I think its the best first title attempt by any studio. Kudo's to Level 5. You guys are definitely leaders of the pack by combining the best elements from rpg's adding free online and additions via dlc on the psn. I imagine they got the engine down and now are gonna do something sick with the psmotion. Im sure of it. Level 5 are leaders in the industry.

Meryl2929d ago

WKC with motion control?? Yes please!! I want, even if it delays this game even more, lol

raWfodog2930d ago

I haven't finished the first game yet but I heard it's supposed to have a good cliffhanger ending. Maybe the sequel will be out by the time I finish the first :) I'm Enjoying it a lot more than the reviews led me to believe I would.

nycredude2929d ago

Yeah I am enjoying it much more also. I think this game got lambasted cause the media here really were expecting a western rpg or something, which WKC isn't. It more a mmojrpg and it turns people off.

labwarrior2930d ago

Nice stuff, i think these developers are crazy, i mean where is Dark Cloud 3 ? Why make generic craps when they can maked a real nice game instead

Just because every game now HAS to include some generic crap MMO like world and play online ? Does not really

Blaster_Master2929d ago

I think you should state that as an opinion. WKC reminds me of Dragon Warrior, mixed with Xenogears + free online = Win for gamers. Go troll on the open forum you stooge.

Macho Man2929d ago

Ohhhhh noooo, judging by the screens on examiner Macho Man is seeing the exact same game, yeah! Why don't they contemplate and mentalate a new HUD or at least show off someone elbow dropping a degenerate, yeah.

Macho Man is looking forward to these nice new armours, just need a few more neon colours in them and some mirror shades, and I'm laughin, YEAH!


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