Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review -

Gamervision's Coop writes: "Since the beginning with Battlefield 1942, DICE's Battlefield series has been hugely influential of all other multiplayer shooters. Over the years, the series' focus on large-scale battles has dwarfed the competition, taking the core concepts of games like Tribes and making them work with a more realistic military backbone. For years, DICE focused on this concept, bringing game after game to PC, something that changed with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company. For the first time, the Sweedish developer brought a game exclusively to consoles, and focused on delivering a strong singleplayer component to support the multiplayer, which was scaled back dramatically from the typical PC installments. It was a huge success. Now, with the sequel, the developer decided to continue the Bad Company series to include a more robust multiplayer experience, spreading it past consoles and onto PC as well. This choice seems to have worked out for them, since there's little doubt that Bad Company 2 has a lot more to offer than the prequel, and should provide fans of the genre some much needed modern combat."

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