Joystiq: SOCOM 4 Hands-On

There are two questions Joystiq will try to answer with this quick hands-on preview. Firstly, is SOCOM 4 the true sequel to the SOCOM franchise you've been waiting for? Secondly, does the PlayStation Move controller work as intended?

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RememberThe3573197d ago

I never have gotten into the Socom franchise, but this game is looking pretty good so far. The Move support was the only really cool part of Sony's predestination besides that gladiator game, that looked pretty cool too.

I wish now that I would have played the Socom games on the PS2 back in the day.

sinncross3197d ago

I agree. The showcasing from Socom 4 really does show that the Move can be used for traditional gaming purposes. I fully expect to see more of these traditional games at E3.

For instance, there was no demonstration of that Alan Wake-esque torch FPS or the Magician spell-using TPS. Both could easily be good games: I just hope they have good developers behind them like Zipper.


Is good to know will be compatible with DualShock 3 and Move.