Is a PS Cloud Announcement Imminent?

DualShockers writes, "Yesterday we brought you a taste of Microsoft's view of the future for Xbox 360. Today we continue the look at how storage methods could change for the PlayStation 3 in the near future. With the announcement this Tuesday that the PlayStation Network will now be supported by all six major movie studios, for not only the rental, but also purchase of High Definition movies, it feels almost like the stage has been set for something even bigger. With HD Movies now available to own, the disappearance of the PS3 250gb Slim bundles, two new PS3 SKUs emerging, and various other mysterious happenings lately it feels like something massive heads our way. Read more for a little insight as to what this all means and what the heck PS Cloud might be..."

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IG_DARKSA1NT3174d ago

The future is wide open for Sony. They are definitely getting on a roll!

JoelT3174d ago

I think they've been on a roll for almost a year now! :P

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thereapersson3174d ago

I don't even know what you linked, seeing as how the image doesn't load. However, based off your name alone I'm guessing it's some sort of failed trolling attempt.

RememberThe3573174d ago

Maybe this in not PlayStation Cloud but that expansion he was talking about. Especially since we know about the new Sony phone that is going to be able to play PlayStation games and their intention for the upgraded network to be able to stand up against itunes.

I would love to be able to store my save files on a server. My system freezes every once in a while and they told me that I had to reformat my hard drive, but I can't stand to loss all my save files. Now I'm stuck...

GrandTheftZamboni3174d ago

Can't you just backup your PS3 to external drive -> reformat -> restore from backup?
Haven't had to do it, but that's my scenario for recovering game saves if my drive goes bad. I think that should take care of both PS3 and PS2 saves.

Immortal Kaim3174d ago

I think this would be a great step for Sony, It would push them ahead in the digital space which has been seen as MS's next big venture.

CadDad3174d ago

Very cool stuff right there.

One of the biggest reasons I bought the PS3 so early on and with so few games is I knew that Sony is a forward thinking company and loves to push the envelope forward....That and the sheer number of developers they have in their pocket. (I like games)


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ThanatosDMC3174d ago

This explains why i cant find a single PS3 Slim anywhere!

RememberThe3573174d ago

Yeah, it's my understanding that the save files would not be backed up. I hope I'm wrong, but that's what I've been told.

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Ninferno3174d ago

too many new models, so little time.

Hitman07693174d ago

I know and it doesn't show any signs of slowing up.

JoelT3174d ago

What I will say is that if these are Sony's intentions, then all the pieces are now in place.

Hitman07693174d ago

PS Cloud is not some dude with puffy yellow spiked hair anymore!

JoelT3174d ago

Just may be on to something here.

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