Molyneux Explains Fable 3 Menu, Morphing Systems

Peter Molyneux has made it clear that Fable 3 is ditching as much of the 2D interface from Fable 2 as possible. Speaking at GDC, he finally showed exactly how Lionhead will achieve this. According to Molyneux, Microsoft user research revealed that a majority of Fable 3 players understood fewer than half of the features in the game. "We're creating content that people literally don't care about," said Molyneux.

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aviator1893198d ago

this new menu does have potential but I just hope that it doesn't require too much loading and is slick unlike the fable 2 menu which was major slow and really inefficient

Still, I think it'd be a bit odd to warp into a room whenever you pause the game.

Michael-Jackson3198d ago

fable 2.1 looks and plays the same.