Sony's Motion Controller Underwhelms With Janky Games

Wired: Sony let us try a few of the games after its presentation. On the whole, they weren't that much fun, feeling more like rough proof-of-concept tech demos than software that's will excite consumers. If the Move is more precise than the Wii remote, it didn't much matter when PlayStation 3's versions of tennis and bowling just felt jankier than Wii Sports. At this point, the software isn't living up to the promises of the technology.

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Sonyslave33084d ago

It only does everything....nintendo.

mrv3213084d ago

I will add the words


saint_john_paul_ii3084d ago

i'll just leave this one here, so you can turn into an angry fanboy for a while

Anorexorcist3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

That video pretty much sums up the arrogant and ignorant B.S. that Microsoft is spewing with Natal.

BTW I think anyone who wears sunglasses indoors is a F'n Jackass. Yes I'm talking to that first presentationer in the video and Sean "P Diddy" Combs.

JeffGUNZ3084d ago

eye-t0ye is nothing like natal. with the ps3 move and eyetoye, you need that terrible looking wand, while natal you don't need any controller. Oh yeah, natal is also better technology.

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saint_john_paul_ii3084d ago

oh its wired....everything underwhelms them..

lokiroo4203084d ago

Let me guess, they are truly impressed with a lagged out version of ricochet? The hate makes sony stronger by the day.

GreenRingOfLife3084d ago

Move is very underwhelming, its just Wii HD

D4RkNIKON3084d ago

"Let me guess, they are truly impressed with a lagged out version of ricochet? The hate makes sony stronger by the day."

You beat me to it, I was just about to say that. It is too bad tho, Sony just can't compete with ricochet... Maybe next gen Sony /sarcasm

Cold 20003084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Well, it's true Sony showed the EXACT kind of games Sony fanb0ys have been dissing since the Wii was released and that MS showed with Natal.

I mean they swarm Natal threads to spam that those kind of games suck on the Wii and Natal.

Dont see what makes them so cool all of a sudden.

soxfan20053084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Please. You guys absolutely LOVE it when anyone in the industry says something negative about the competition, yet you can't handle it when it happens to Sony.

You've convinced yourselves that Move is perfect, and you are ready to drop the hammer on anyone who actually uses it, and disagrees.

Maybe I should go back to some of the negative Natal articles and see who was commenting there. Did Natal get the same benefit of the doubt that everyone seems to give Move?

3084d ago
INehalemEXI3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

get off the bawls of move, We seen Socom 4 and Dukes and it was good move on.

Casual games look underwhelming....thats cause they are meant for casuals Genius.

Immortal Kaim3084d ago

Even IF the tech is more capable than the Wii (For all intents and purposes it is apparently slightly 'better'), the software shown isn't up to scratch. Wii sports has charm, these games just lack something, they look ok but they just seem so stale and mundane.

Anyone else have thoughts on the games shown? Obviously the 'Sports Champion' compilation is supposedly Sony's answer to Wii sports, do you think it will have the same success?

Anorexorcist3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

"On the whole, they weren't that much fun, feeling more like rough proof-of-concept tech demos than software that's will excite consumers."

Are all those games getting ready to be shipped tomorrow? Or next month? or even in the next six months? No, so assuming they are just that, proof-of-concept tech demos, would be the pertinent thing to do if you don't want to look like a pessimistic d*ckhead.

Edit @ Disagrees.

Okay, you all have chosen to take the low road. Sleep well tonight.

IdleLeeSiuLung3084d ago

I think it is underwhelming because it is nothing differentiating it from the Wii. The Wii with the Motion Plus is already really good.

Sony should show us something utilizing the camera that the Wii can't. For all intensive purposes, I see no difference between Wii and PS Move other than the latter being more accurate in places it really doesn't need to.

RememberThe3573084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

How are you going to talk? You can't handle it when someone says it about Microsoft.

Of course fans aren't going to like it, they're fans. I don't like it when people say the Seahawks suck, it doesn't matter if it's true or not.

Cold: Like Socom? Yeah fanboys have been dissing Socom for years...

IdleLeeSiuLung: I agree, but they did show a little bit of that with the Eyepet video. I really think they're going to sell this as a HD Wii with better games.

Otherwise, yes that was pretty underwhelming. But last time the media jumped on the PlayStation Hate Bandwagon, the PS3 still sold at a rate putting it at the third fastest selling home console ever?

If I can get good hardcore games, I'll be happy with it. None of these crappy beat'em up games or that stupid party game.

Cold 20003084d ago

Kind of weird that what you said doesnt apply to Natal.

Wonder why.

fox023084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Trophies as well as glowing dildos for controllers are pretty innovative. LMAO.

Army_of_Darkness3084d ago

come on guys.. Natal's ricochet ain't that bad... well, compared to my MS 720HD webcam that is.. I could complete a 5min. ring around the rosie and that webcam will be only 3mins in... not all camera's delay that much do they?!?!

you know whats underwelming, playing games with a chainsaw for a hand.

Cenobia3084d ago

Because he was talking about games?


2cents3084d ago

and should be the same defences.

demo hardware, not final product, conditions of play blah blah blah.

To much verbal diarrhea goes on way to early in proof of concept. We need to wait for the final product before we can pass judgment. When both Natal and Move launch the press and gamers will be able to see for themselves.

There is just too much worthless information

van-essa3084d ago

Remember when some fanboys were dissing some pre-alpha products (Reach and Break dancing Natal just to name a few)? Well I hope you're loving the taste of your own medicine.

DelbertGrady3084d ago

Is it safe to add Wired to the ever growing list of sites who have formed a secret brotherhood with the sole purpose of ridding Sony from the face of the earth?

In collaboration with Microsoft and Satan of course.

raztad3084d ago

This is pretty underwhelming:

I'm still waiting for some real Natal apps to compare, just for the lulz. I dont care for either. Doing fine with my DS3 and waiting for the most EPIC game ever GoW3.

FamilyGuy3084d ago

The Move was underwhelming

They showed a bunch of casual games and when the showed Socom 4 the guy was just sitting still like he might as well have had a standard controller is his hands as the Move added nothing to the gameplay or (from the looks of it) immersion.

I was pretty disappointed. I know these were first wave, tech demo type games but they were all underwhelming compared to the E3 live demonstration.

Motion Fighter and that Gladiator game were the only things that stood out in a positive way and even then only because they showed what might be possible with other games. The list of 36 on board developers was impressive but they still need to show something worth buying it for.

Demon Souls 2, an RTS, a better looking gladiator game (soul calibur legends?) They really need to step it up because so far the only real use I could see out of this is in a few sports games.

Bigpappy3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

You got Sony's wand so deep inside your harts, or where ever, that you ignore the obvious issues they showed in the demos.

You mean to tell me that none of you noticed in that fight demo where the guy through 3 punches and his avatar only through 1? These game journalist were inviter there to test and report on their findings. You guy never touched the stupidly named device, but you are calling these people liars. You fanboys are a sick bunch.

PS3 guy at IGN and a few others I read said pretty much the same thing.

beans3084d ago

Hopefully Sony can put out some good games come release. I have a funny feeling once Natal news drops Sony will Move out the way.

JD_Shadow3084d ago

"Is it safe to add Wired to the ever growing list of sites who have formed a secret brotherhood with the sole purpose of ridding Sony from the face of the earth?"

1. When did any of us GAMERS actually say this?
2. I can say the same for 360 fanboys that always post about Sony fanboys. Don't pretend that they're the only ones claiming conspiracy when wearing tin-foil hats.

TheBand1t3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I think the Wii is going to make Natal and Move limp away with bloodied noses.

Anorexorcist3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Well I think that once The PS Move is actually released and is applied to certain core gamer experiences like Killzone 3, The Playstation 3 will just keep MOVE-ing on the east side...where Microsoft has never gone.

There you go, now lets see how many more idiot ways the word "move" is going to be used against the PS3 motion controller.

Immortal Kaim3084d ago

The Sony motion controller gives me bowel 'move'ments... ;)

ico923084d ago

lol the usual troll's are out tonight

gaffyh3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Wow, the fanboys are out in force on Move, some might even think you're afraid that it will be successful lol. The Move looks ok to me, but I still don't like the fact that they didn't show many great games.

SOCOM 4 looked pretty good, and I hate SOCOM. Eyepet looks a lot better with the Move though, so I might just have to get it so that my nephew can play Eyepet a little easier, because the magic card works well, but looks like the motion controller works better.

btw, wtf is janky?

Homicide3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Sony's move does look underwhelming. The game's don't look good at all, the controller looks stupid with the glowing ball on top, and it really has nothing new to offer from Wii.

I find it hysterical Sony is even bothering releasing this four years after its competitor did. It's too late.

HolyOrangeCows3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Poor N4PS3G, googling around for negative Move articles all day.

Hint: Google "Kleenex" instead.

BattleAxe3084d ago

PS3 owners have never slagged the Wii because of its casual games, we just slag Wii owners who seem to think that the Wii is a hardcore system.

The Wii is nothing more than a casual system, but now the PS3 is about to become the all around best system to own, because it has the Hardest of Core games and now its getting the casual Wii type games too.

Information Minister3084d ago

Of course the PS Move is underwhelming. It's a f****** motion controller! What did you expect? The only thing that surprises me is that we haven't seen the equivalent of this article for Microsoft's equally underwhelming project natal. Eeehhhrrrr... Actually... Scratch that, it doesn't surprise me at all.

@ Soda - And you still believe there's no bias in the gaming media?! Ignorance is bliss.

Grown Folks Talk3084d ago

Right. You must have looked for less than a second.

JeffGUNZ3084d ago

The same people who said all motion controllers would be terrible are now saying all these sites, who all agree with each other, stating that move is just a wii copy, are now all biased and the move is the next best thing in the gaming market.

Come on, PS3 move isn't going to move many consoles and really impact anything. Especially with Sony's advertising and marketing, the move is going to do just the opposite of it's name. At E3 we will see the final products of natal and possibly the move, and then we can pass more judgment.

From all the articles I have read, it seems developers are more excited and believe more in natal technology than the PS3 move.

I hope they both turn out pretty decent. Just think, if these motion controllers bring in casual players, they might pick up gears, mass effect, alan wake, uncharted 2, Killzone 2, god of war III and become more interested in better/hardcore games.

Somnipotent3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

this isn't going to be or even meant to be the second coming of the PS3 like natal is herald as the 2nd coming of the 360... people are acting like sony is sacrificing the hardcore like nintendo did with the wii for the casual market. as of right now, in my opinion, nintendo has the casual market, microsoft has the online market, and sony has the hi-def market...

at least sony is TRYING to attack from all fronts rather than focus on just one single aspect. i'd rather them stick to pushing out more great first party titles though, but it doesn't look this will hamper those efforts anyhoo.

also, what i'm seeing here is a synergy of what sony is trying to accomplish overall: high definition, 3D, immersion gaming. combine a 3D enabled PS3 with a 3D TV and the PS3 Move... imagine the possibilities.

Information Minister3084d ago

@ 1.34 - Well, I visit N4G almost on a daily basis and I cannot recall ever reading such an article. But if you would be kind enough to point me in the right direction, I would be much obliged.

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sinncross3084d ago

This author seemed to forget 2 important parts of the GDC keynote:
1) Its GDC: the point of a keynote here is to showcase how the tech works.

2) Sony stated that many of the games on display were still in development with one such game, Dukes (motion Fighter) only being at a pre-alpha stage.

What was showcased was not some huge E3-esque reveal for demos and game reveals, rather just so that other developers and consumers had a basic idea of what Sony were doing with their motion controller and how it basically worked.

In this respect, Sony accomplished this. Sure better and more refined demos would have been better but that was never really the point of the GDC keynote.

N4PS3G3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

@ 1 point

I think people know how it works. Almost everyone owns a Wii :)

moegooner883084d ago

Does the Wii support HD, or play blu-ray movies,... didn't think so.

N4PS3G3084d ago

oh so they have to showcase how HD and BluRay works? Because last time i noticed his # 1 point was:
1) Its GDC: the point of a keynote here is to showcase how the tech works.

Tech works just as as Wii and BluRay and HD changes nothing on how tech works :)

Congrats on opening that mouth before thinking :)

Foliage3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

The tech is nothing like the Wii. It's more like all the best Natal features mixed with all the best Wii features taken to the next level available on a single platform.

nycredude3084d ago

I think the point was to show that Sony, although is using an already tried system, is serious about it and not just hyping it. It seems they are pumping resources into the Move and developers are on board. It was also to show that the system is truly 1:1, and I think with the exception of motion fighter it was pretty much 1:1. After they announced that there will be 36 studios on board and 20 games being developed for the Move I would say that they succeeded.

Now what was your point of your comment and how was it supposed to contribute to this thread? Oh I forgot all you do is troll. Sorry, forgot where I was for a second.

n4ps3G should change to n4troll&hatersG.

Sarcasm3084d ago


People need to stop acting like GDC is a place for insane reveals that will blow the fanboys socks off!

Blackcanary3084d ago

Does the Wii do Voice recognition?

And can the Wii go through menus with just ur hands with out the use of the controller?

O dose the Wii do Head tracking?

Please answer those question and you will notice that the PS MOVE is more than just a Wii wand or remote lol forgot the name clone.

Homicide3084d ago

Why bother showing the Move this early? All it did was generate negative press and feedback. Sorry but Sony dropped the ball with Move.

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Roper3163084d ago

Sony stated several times that everything being shown was in pre alpha stage. Does this idiot understand what that means? if not he should find a new job.

edgeofblade3084d ago

I'm not approving Captain Obvious' story. Of course it's tech demo-y. They are tech demos.