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If you're a mature gamer of several year's standing, you'll know what it feels like to be patronised. A The sort of entertainment regularly served up by this industry for what are supposed to be adults indicates that the companies involved see you as anything but, and Yakuza 3 is a yet another example.

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callahan092967d ago

I thought that the BigPond Game Arena and TeleText Game Central reviews of Heavy Rain were terrible... at least they attempted to justify their low scores of the game and managed to clearly explain what it was that they didn't like. As ridiculous as their opinions were IN MY OPINION, they expressed them in a meaningful way. Got to give them credit for that. This review on the other hand is just one big stinking pile of unreadable bullshit. It doesn't even make sense. Incomprehensible trash. And yet they attempt to criticize the game for not knowing what it wants to be? This reviewer doesn't know what he wants his review to be. Get the hell out of here with this crap.

Nathan Drake22967d ago


GrandTheftZamboni2967d ago

Can you guys arrange for adding an option to put web sites on ignore list?

Kurt Russell2966d ago

for not writing what you think they should?

Don't be a twat...

foxxy2967d ago

People are smart and they can smell bullshit.

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