Splinter Cell: Conviction - Hands-On (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature hands-on preview:

"Easily one of the most anticipated video games of 2010 is from one of the most well respected developers in the business, and it goes by the name Splinter Cell: Conviction. Years in the making with a couple complete restarts this Xbox 360 console exclusive has seen it's share of good and bad days. A couple weeks ago got to sit down with the team behind the upcoming action/stealth title and play through a good bit of the single-player campaign and co-op gameplay modes. Ubisoft was straight up with me, never once denying the fact that Conviction has gone through more than a couple design changes and other issues over the years. Each and every aspect of the game feels like it was crafted by the most creative and caring of developers, no rock unturned or hiding place unperfected. Somehow though the team came out on the other side with one of the most-intuitive and most-enjoyable experiences this experienced video game player has had the joy of playing: Splinter Cell: Conviction."

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UltimaEnder3085d ago

Game looks and plays unbelievable - can't wait for the full release!

PepperJack3085d ago

this game looks beyond amazing, i can't wait to get it!

Shaman3085d ago

There is no way this game will be any less then 92 on metacritic.It sounds sooo good,and those gfx man they are really jaw dropping.