Motion Fighter: Putting Science Back Into the Sweet Science

Brian Crecente from Kotaku says: Viewed in the hands of someone who helped make or market the game, the Playstation 3's motion controlled Motion Fighter looks like the sort of thing everyone will want to play and watch be played. But once it was in my hands things changed, drastically.

To play Motion Fighter you hold not one, but two Move controllers in your hands, like ultra-lightweight plastic dumbbells. That done, bobbing and weaving, ducking and duking should be a simple matter of shadow boxing. But it didn't quite work out that way. The first issue I noticed was that the game seemed to have a slight delay in response, perhaps great than the delay found in both the Wii remote and Project Natal, though it was hard to tell.

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Army_of_Darkness3080d ago

"In the case of Motion Fighter I had to know that an uppercut required me to twist my wrist before delivering a punch."

If you didn't know that, then I definitely wouldn't want you to watch my back during a fight. Get off your wii training wheels because Sony is making you MOVE 1:1 girly man!

Briefcase Joe3080d ago

That was pretty funny Army_of_Darkness.