Lightning Will Now Take Your Questions writes, "Inline with Final Fantasy XIII's release, we have some exclusive content lined up for everyone who's dug into the game, or maybe hasn't dug in yet. We've previously done interviews with voice actors and actresses from the Kingdom Hearts series on our KH podcast (Kingdom Hearts Union), so we figured it was about time we make a few phone calls and try at some Final Fantasy XIII voice actor and actress interviews; so today we're happy to announce that we will be interviewing Ali Hillis, the voice of Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII, in the coming week!

Best part, we want fan questions for the interview. The interview will be a special episode of our dedicated Final Fantasy podcast (aptly named Final Fantasy Union on the iTunes Store), so you will indeed hear Ali Hillis' voice yourself, and possibly hear her answer your own question for her. "

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mephman2998d ago

This should be a fun interview.

Kyll2998d ago

Considering how good a job Ali Hillis did, I'd say so too!

Sanrin2998d ago

I love voice actor interviews, they're always fun.

theusedfake2997d ago

can't wait to hear it,
she did do an amazing job

Sanrin2998d ago

Awesome. She can explain to me why she didn't punch Snow more often!

Kyll2998d ago

Or at least tell us in detail what that was like xD

Selyah2998d ago

Intrigued to see what this turns out like.

Ninji2998d ago

Why is Final Fantasy 13 the worst game in the series? (rhetorical question)

AbyssGravelord2998d ago

Haha can't wait for this comment to get 1 disagree!