Reggie States When Wii Successor May Come Into The Picture

CC: Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that the platform giant will start thinking about the development of the Wii successor, when an idea comes forward that can't be executed on the current system.

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gameseveryday2907d ago

Wii 2 huh? shud be interesting i suppose :)

mjolliffe2907d ago

HD please! Otherwise the Wii 2 will be almost definitely doomed against the Xbox 360 and PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung2907d ago

Nintendo's approach is interesting by introducing new hardware only when new experiences are available, but it begs the question:

What the heck happened to the Nintendo DSi XL and the freaken DSi?

What new experiences are there? I call BS!

Nintendo will kick start the next generation of console cycle!

Although, I think they will be fine with the Wii. They just need another killer software for the casuals like Wii Fit.

mjolliffe2907d ago

When I said 'doomed', I meant it like the sales won't be as impressive as this time round, this quickly.

infamousinfolite2907d ago

They are not interested in HD or 3D material!

3sexty rulzzz2907d ago

the hypocrisy of some the people on this site. only until sony announced their own wii controller did nintendo posts became relevant. it is really said that some of you belittled the wii remote and now that sony as their own, all of a sudden the wii-mote is ok. unbelievable

SpaceSquirrel2907d ago

The longer this generation lasts the better.

infamousinfolite2907d ago

Just remembered Nintendo was gonna do HD later on 5 years I think after it's release of the Wii.

@3sexty rulzzz

I'm gonna assume people are mad because the Wii is doing really good by bringing in the casuals and doing that with very good sales and numbers while putting the PS3 and 360 in 2nd/3rd position. That's just my assumption.

heroicjanitor2907d ago

Maybe that is right for some people, but for people like me I got the wii before the ps3 and the wii mote was woeful. I could sit on the couch flicking my wrist to play any game in wii sports, it just wasn't accurate at all it was cheap. Sony's one is very accurate and I'm as excited for it as I was before I got the wii. Just hope Sony doesn't let me down like Nintendo did. Just thinking about their ads for red steel where he swung the sword and the guy did the same motion... It was his only god damn motion pressing A would've done the same thing.

WhittO2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

I think Nintendo are worried, expect "Wii Too" shortly ? lol

Looking forward to see what effect - if any - Playstaion Move has, if it will take off into the millions or simply be forgotten in a couple of years.

ChickeyCantor2907d ago

DSxl is purely made for people with bad eye-sight.
Then America needed to promote it as well and just added some BS to it.

I say DSi was a better move from the normal DSL because of the online shops and such.
Even though i only own a DSL

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Aphe2907d ago

Maybe, well I hope so because it's took them over 3 years to come up with it.

plb2907d ago

Part of Wii's success is the recognizable characters such as mario, donkey kong, metroid, zelda, link etc etc. Nintendo was the best way back in the 80's early 90's with nes and snes. Their system is ideal for casual gamers and kids.

na-no-nai2907d ago

we all know that hardware developers will make a new console but it just a matter of time and when.
beside i know they wont leaked it cuz otherwise microsoft and sony will try to steal their idea, or maybe call them out like its a gimmicky lol

mint royale2907d ago

'beside i know they wont leaked it cuz otherwise microsoft and sony will try to steal their idea, or maybe call them out like its a gimmicky lol'

And then release their own copies a few years later LOL.

Valay2907d ago

I see no need for a new Wii just yet. DS 2 on the other hand...

Fishy Fingers2907d ago

New DS should be on show at E3.

Ninji2907d ago

It's called Playstation Move. Natal just lags behind.

hoops2907d ago

Because you played Natal to know....

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