Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Creature Update (The Architect)

The new expansion to the Dragon Age: Origins' world is set for release next week, and with is so close Bioware has decided to give us a little more information about one of the enemies that we will be facing in this next adventure to help rebuild the Grey Wardens order.

The Architect was first heard of in the books by David Gaider, "Dragon Age: The Calling" and "Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne), which are set before the events of the game, and tell of the adventures of young Meric as he comes into his own as leader. The Architect makes his return to the Dragon Age universe, and this time we can see him instead of reading about him. He is the first of the Darkspawn to develop free will and highly intelligent, but not held back by the wildness of his fellow Darkspawn as he does not have the same compulsions.

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