Will the Playstation Move be too expensive?
"When Sony introduced its new PS3 motion controls, dubbed Move, last night at the Games Developer Conference they showed technology that was impressive yet familiar at times. However, while watching the string of on-stage demos and talk of the technology, my mind came slipping back to a single slide that said, "Under $100." When ever someone is trying to sell you something and says it is "under $100" that means the price is likely $99.99."

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jack_burt0n3120d ago


is more likely, and $44.99 without the game, sub and camera. I like the way they have done the recharging for the sub controller sitting off the move, no need for another usb port.

IdleLeeSiuLung3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

So the answer is yes, it cost more than half the cost of the Wii to just enable a current PS3 to have a similar experience as the Wii (with better graphics of course).

I don't know what Sony is thinking, but I sure hope less than $100 means closer to $50! Already as it is, it will likely cost me as much as a Wii to enable two players with the Move. That is not including the PS3 for many others!!!

xTruthx3120d ago

Will just have to wait & see what Sony does

van-essa3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

2 move controllers (2 more if you want to play with someone else), 1 Sub (1 more if you want to play with a friend) + the EyeToy will be.

What if you want to kick in a game? how do you do that? Tie 2 move controllers to your feet?

Yeah, it's going to be pretty expensive, especially for those who don't already own a PS3, you'd need to get that "third job" to own all.

Look who's talking.

baum3120d ago

All you do is spout crap and yet you have 7 bubbles, what's your secret? You should work for Sony's competition, at least what you do would be worth it.

Parapraxis3120d ago

"What if you want to kick in a game? how do you do that? Tie 2 move controllers to your feet? "
hmmm, how do you do it with the Wii?

van-essa3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

If you think I'm wrong them tell me why and lets have a civil, grown-up discussion about it. Can you do that?

That's the problem, it's basically a more expensive, but difinately more accurate Wiimote.

FamilyGuy3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago ) pricing btw

Wii Remote Controller $55.98
Wii Nunchuk Controller $17.99
Wii MotionPlus $16.54
total $90.51
PS3 Move )
Move game > $99.99 (-$10 probably at a discount on amazon)
PS3Eye )
Move analogue/sub controller $unknown

I think the controller and sub sold separately will be around $45 and $20 respectively.

sack_boi3120d ago

Wii Remote Controller, Wii Nunchuk Controller, Wii MotionPlus + Wii = $200.
And you don't need two Wiimotes to play sports games unless you're playing with somebody else. With Move, you need 4 and 2 Subs. To make things worse, unlike the Wii, which comes bundled with a Wiimote, the PS3 doen't...

baum3120d ago

You get more value from a PS3 than from a Wii, so it's justified for it to be more expensive. As for comparing it with Natal... well, the EyeToy can do everything Natal does and with more precision due to button feedback; Natal has yet to prove it has a significant advantage over the EyeToy. Also, you have to pay to play on Xbox LIVE. Seriously, your arguments are pointless when you compare the PS3 to the competition.

morganfell3120d ago

I want to see the Examiner article when the $150 natal price is announced.

And half the price of a Wii? What's the cost of a next gen disc player MS just told their fans to go buy.

As regards Move, it's even cheaper for those that already have the camera. What's the natal price difference for those that currently have a 360 cam? None. What is that, two obsolete pieces of hardware? Yes I know it's three. And no, using the HD DVD addon as a doorstop doesn't stop it from being obsolete.

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mrv3213120d ago

$100 for a game, a camera(which is also a headset) and motion controller isn't bad. Hopefully it's game like Socom 4 and not a party game.

I hope this $100 is with the sub-controller also.

Queasy3120d ago

Per Sony's comments at GDC last night, the sub-controller is not included. Just the Move controller, Eye Toy, and a bundled game.

That could change but so

yoghurt3120d ago

At even $100 for the controller, camera and game that is a good price in my opinion. Your essentially getting a whole new gaming experience for the price of a collectors edition game - good price

Omega43120d ago

PS3+ starter kit + nunchck = $300 + $100 + $20 = $420

Wii + motion plus = $200 + $20 = $220

And considering that 80% of the games shown in that PSM trailer required 2 controllers it will be even more expensive so there is no way causal gamers will go for it instead of a Wii especially since to the untrained eye they look identical.

kratos1233120d ago

its omega4 guys move along nothing to see here keep on scrolling down

alphakennybody3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Xbox 360+ hardrive+wireless adaptor+ subscription fee+ weekly battery pack +natal...umm... oh screw it! there are too many things to buy. Even building you're own pc rig is cheaper!

Midgard2283120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


yes considering the everything the wii has is in standard definition, low budget, no real online play, no blu-ray, man i wont bother with the list, ur a freakin moron

not to mention this is optonal for the ps3, u have no choice wen u get the wii, u only get crap games that use it unless its 1st party from nintendo.

aceitman3120d ago

come with game cam and 2 controllers

Queasy3120d ago


The starter pack comes with one controller, the eye toy, and the game. Additional controllers, including the sub-controller, will be sold separately unless Sony changes the starter pack from what they announced last night.

FlameBaitGod3120d ago

360 = 300
wifi = 100
online = 50

that's 450 bucks there only

360 = no blu ray drive, blue tooth, no web browser, no weather Chanel, no virtual world, doesn't even support 1v3 hdmi cables. Only supports 1v2 while 1v3 has double the bandwidth. Cant play over 12 hours without worrying it will over heat and die, scratches disk's, e74 errors.

IMO the 360 is way over priced, its a ps2 with a better graphics card.

yoghurt3120d ago

You are seriously price comparing a wii against ps3?

well done, the wii is cheaper - now do you really want me to write a list of what else you get in a ps3 that you don't get in a wii?

didn't think so.

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Light Yagami3120d ago

This is another failure from Sony.

Ninji3120d ago

You're another failure from life.

Johnny Rotten3120d ago

I agree with both of you :)

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