Kotick's Folly

Dave Whitelaw of TheGameReviews provides his analysis on the breakdown of gaming's mighty triad of Activision, Infinity Ward, and the Call of Duty franchise, considering what the likely ramifications will be and where the future lies for further Call of Duty games.

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Haly3053d ago

To put it briefly, it's all a bit of a mess eh?

Interesting analysis though.

jessupj3053d ago

I am a caring and compassionate person, but I genuinely hate Bobby Kotick with such passion it scares me. If all publishers were like this I wouldn't have a hobby. Bobby Kotick is a threat to the hobby I love.

Krud3053d ago

Company politics make me dizzy, even when involving things that interest me.

BetaChris3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

I think this is going to end badly for Activision. What's to stop Ward and Zampella, having been ousted from Infinity Ward, from starting their own independent studio, and starting to shop around for publishers?

midi3053d ago

I strongly suspect this is exactly what will happen. They did it before with EA and Medal of Honor and they won't hesitate to do it again I suspect.

SlamVanderhuge3053d ago

Only problem with this is that Activision owns the IW engine, which means that these devs have to start from scratch despite having built a very solid, durable engine before. Sucks

shoinan3053d ago

How much of that is possible?

madjedi3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

They will probably have to do what bungie did and build it from the ground up, cod's engine needed it's replacement on the drawing board, even before this sh^tstorm happened, it's been around for a while.

The series needs to have a new engine in the works, either way i doubt 8 months is enough time to build a decent new engine from scratch, the iw team is doing map packs supposedly.

Either the cod series and mw also, will use the same engine till the next gen hits (the most likely) or activison will buy a engine, probably the unreal 3 engine. :P

The real question is when the remaining iw employee's contracts expire in october how many refuse to renew it, i seriously doubt those 2 guys were the only ones who are looking to leave activisons treatment.

Mw3 might not be released till late 2012 or later, i am guessing about 25-50% of iw leaves when the contracts expire in october, they could drop the mw series into treyarcs lap, it really depends on how many iw people leave.

Senden3053d ago

Kotick will regret letting go of the IW founders... as the article says, IW efforts on the cod series really shine and the difference between them and treyarch is obvious. Having an IW made cod game always upped the series credibility and now imagine if we just seen treyarch like cod games.. smart gamers won't bother anymore... MW2 will probably be the last great cod game.. or cod4 for some people I guess.

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