PlayStation Move - Mix games of Gameplay Trailer

In this Trailer you will see a bunch of games that is going to support the PlayStation Move controller! With actual gameplay footage.

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Homicide3117d ago

1:27 - 2:05 look oddly familiar. Could have sworn I seen those on Wii before. Bah, looks lame. If I wanted this, I would've had a Wii already.

xTruthx3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

lol same can be said about almost every game on every console, so I don't see your point

raztad3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

It's easy to see that Sony wants to position the PS3 as the "new Wii" or Wii HD perhaps?. Criticize Sony because it's trying to have a piece of the casual market with its Wii-like controller games, is rather stupid. It's like saying Sony shouldnt had made PSN because MS got Live first.

3117d ago
Blackcanary3117d ago

i liked it on the Wii and i'm gonna like it on the PS3.

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Kingsora3117d ago

Gameplay looks good if its HD? i doeth about that.

xXSilentXx3117d ago

Nah nintendo got there customer already Playstation Move is going to atracted a deferent of mian stream public.

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