ZTGD: MLB 10: The Show Playstation 3 Review

Scorched Angel Writes: Overall, this game is a must buy for any baseball fan. It is up there with some of the best baseball games of all time, and is one that deserves to go on your shelf. Sony literally hit it out of the park this year. Even with the problems in the online mode, this game is still worthy of a buy, as it will last you well past when the next MLB The Show comes out. It is truly still the king of baseball simulation.

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Al Bundy3083d ago

I feel sorry for baseball fans that don't own a PS3.

Noctis Aftermath3083d ago

The only AAA baseball game on HD consoles.

Bilbo653083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Your so witty, but seriously Open Zone ---->

This site needs to crack down on trolls in the gamer zone getting sick of seeing all this crap from accounts made just to get a rise outta people.

Bnet3433083d ago

Baseball fans, like the entire country of Japan. People like it.

Cold 20003083d ago

Nobody cares about baseball in EU. By the way Sony isnt even bothering bringing the game over here.

Even hockey is more popular. And I'm not talking about ice hockey.

bjornbear3082d ago

who cares about EU

U.S.A is the only country that matters when it comes to selling games right? lolz xD

well im no fan of baseball since i am also from Europe, but its quite interesting to see the best baseball game this gen is a PS3 exclusive

gotta say that black beast is oozing quality and diversity

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kratos1233083d ago

would this work with move hmm it will play awsome if so

nycredude3083d ago

If they patch this for move I will be soooo happy.

Bilbo653083d ago

Yea that would be great but they'd have to mess with the sliders, its already hard to get hits with just a button press

TheColbertinator3083d ago

The greatest baseball game of all time is here.

PeptoBismol3083d ago


you are both wrong

MVP Baseball 2005 is widely regarded as the best baseball game

Mo0eY3083d ago

It only does bAAAseball games.

fox023083d ago

It only does the Wii... 4 years too late.

Cyrax_873083d ago

^Fail, 'cause the Wii can't do HD.

unrealgamer583083d ago

ps3 already has more triple a games then the 360 will have all this year. :]

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The story is too old to be commented.