GameSpot: SOCOM 4 Hands-On

Sony's PlayStation Move launch at GDC 2010 wasn't all about family fun and mini-game compilations, with the surprise announcement that core gamers wouldn't be ignored thanks to the inclusion of Move support to the recently announced SOCOM 4.

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Foliage3117d ago

Brilliant. The first time motion controls have been handled the right way. This is very encouraging for the strongest motion control solution from the big 3 consoles. I'm speaking about the technical aspects, not hype and lies.

Rich16313117d ago

It was cool to see Socom 4 in motion but I am not sold on this whole motion control crap be it the Wii, Natal, or Move. It seems like it is going to be more frustrating than anything, IMO. Like too floaty and not precise enough.

ian723117d ago

Socom 4 looked like a TPS, MAG to me. Also I wasn't impressed with the motion control for it. The Gun-con used with Time crisis 4 would be a lot better to use with FPS/TPS games, than the MOVE controllers. At least the gun-con looks and feels like a gun while aiming at a tv screen. It worked just like a Dualshock but you can aim at anything, anywhere on the screen, not just the middle, similar to the MOVE (aiming).
I don't see the point really using MOVE on a TPS/FPS game, It doesn't bring much new to the experience, the Dualshock is good enough.
The fighting game though looked like it could work great with the MOVE. That impressed me more. Looks like a good controller for games like that and table tennis etc.