GDC 2010: Hands-On Preview: Sony Move - Sports Champions

Following the announcement of Sony's new motion controller coined "move" VGC got hands on time with every game Sony has produced to demonstrate the technology.

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Braineater24483174d ago

Wow looks fun. Hopefully Sony can pull this motion crap off.

Death24943174d ago

this is to capture that Wii fanbase and basically have a well-rounded console. Microsoft and Sony can both say look we have something for you and your kids.

Some guys commented on the fact of it being pushed back to fall. That was just a marketing move to combat Natal which announced first that they were shipping November. It also gave Sony more time to beef up it's launch library.

FrankWest3174d ago

Ugh, Sony, I don't want no motion control, and specially not this!

JustTheFactsMr3174d ago

Then don't buy it. Problem solved.

BeardedGamerShow3174d ago

I don't play my Wii that much as it is, not sure if I'll go for this.