Playstation Move: Motion Control for Whom?

Technologizer writes: I'm somewhat excited for the Move, if only because it's a more sophisticated version of Nintendo's Wii, with its wand-shaped, button-laden controllers. The difference is that the Move uses an existing product, the Playstation Eye, to track the controller's motion along three dimensions. This allows you to step closer or farther from the table in virtual ping pong, or make 360-degree turns in real space.

Cool technology, for sure, but is it a cohesive vision for motion control, or a half-hearted attempt to capture the so-called casual gamer? I can't tell yet.

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Sonyslave33199d ago

It only does everything...Nintendo.

mrv3213199d ago

Lucky it doesn't do

-Paid for online
-Expensive add-ons
-No wireless
-NO batteries
-Tons of racist online
-Little game control
-Disc Scratching
-Jet engine noise
-FPS only games
-Copy cat games
-Pedophile simulator
-Expensive for what it does

Get the idea?

frogdefdaa3199d ago

it is just an upgraded wii controller.. i don't know how we could use it to play games like GOW III or Racing games.. i will carry in my hands 3 controllers: the move, its Nunchuk and the PS3 wireless controller..

Homicide3199d ago

PS Move:


Sorry Sony, Nintendo beat you to the punch 4 years ago. Everything about this screams Wii rip-off. Even the games look familiar.

If people wanted gimmicky motion controls and mini-games, they would've bought a Wii already. Better luck next gen.

captain-obvious3199d ago

PS move is a wiii rip-off
but NATAL is not a PSEYE rip-off


IdleLeeSiuLung3199d ago

I completely agree with this article, for whom are Sony targeting? I really fail to see how Sony is differentiating itself from the Wii other than the price.

To the consumer, PS Move is identical in functionality to the Wii and we all know graphics didn't sell the Wii so what is the PS Move's selling point?

Is the target audience willing to pay Sony's prices for this? It seems like a misguided effort on a premium priced accessory. For any hope, they need the killer app that really excites!

ryuzu3198d ago

Sony are making a value proposition.

They're betting that people bought the Wii because they like motion control games and the Wii was the only platform for that.

Now Sony offer an alternative that is HD/HDMI, is a Blu-Ray and DVD player, plays high quality non-motion games, offers better in home connectivity, comes with a HDD installed to allow digital media support, has various add-ons, and does the stuff a Wii does (minus the Ninty first party games).

Will that make people trade their Wiis in for a PS3? I don't know.

Will new potential Wii purchasers look at a PS3 instead when they compare functionality and quality now? Presumably Sony think so.

You have to remember that people aren't choosing PS Move vs Wii - they're choosing a Wii vs a PS3 with PS Move. The PS3 is clearly a far more powerful console and home entertainment item than the Wii. Sony is simply removing the unique selling point of the Wii and upselling potential Wii purchasers to a more powerful and fully featured device.

Is any of this of interest to people who want games that last more than 10 minutes? I hope so, but so far SOCOM is the only game that looks worth the entry price to me - I hope it turns out well.


frogdefdaa3199d ago

I think it is silly comparing PS3 move and Xbox Natal... there is no competition.. Natal will be real evolution while the "Move" is just Wii remote clone.

IdleLeeSiuLung3199d ago

This article is not about Natal, but I really think Natal is clearly differentiated from the Wii and now the PS3.

To a consumer, it is clear that you can't do what Natal does with the Wii or the PS3 (for the most part). Natal enables more user input than possible with the PS Move/Wii with your whole body so there is a huge potential there for a variety of games that will be better on Natal including fitness games, fighting/boxing games, dancing games and things people haven't thought of.

If the price is right, I think Natal will be a decent competitor to the Wii. PS Move interresting and more avdanced than the Wii, yet after Wii Motion Plus came out I haven't exactly yearned for more of Wii anything.

In the end, I hope MS opens up Natal to XNA developers!

xTruthx3198d ago

Do you think wii was the first company with motion controls ? because it wasn't. The industry and a copy & paste business, you see what they have, take it and think how you can make it better.

cayal3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

"Natal will be real evolution while the "Move" is just Wii remote clone. "

How well do you think Natal will be implemented in games that aren't kiddy wii-types?

-Imagine a racing game with no steering wheel. Hold up your arms and see how long you can last.
-Imagine a shooter where you attempt to move around in your living room. You don't have much room right? Add to the fact your fake trigger pulling, aiming, and endurance to hold up your arms.

Have you truly thought about Natal and how it will work?

frogdefdaa3198d ago

yes i have imagined what you are talking about, the racing games and shooting games.. or let me correct, i don't have to imagine because they are already shown in the videos of Natal that we all watched.. E3 video is more than enough to give you idea about most of the categories in the gaming.. kids, family, racing, dancing, puzzle..

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2FootYard3199d ago

Imaging playing God of War with this mistake. Disgusting image isn't it?

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