The Wii Games We'd Most Like To See On PS Move

NG: Five games, all brilliant, none first-party, all benefiting from the raw power of PS3...

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Homicide2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Just buy a Wii. They're the same thing except one has a glowing ball on top.

Blackcanary2812d ago

it because i stopped useing it not gonna do that a second time till it goes down way down in price so i just buy the PSMove cause i always did play my PS3 more than the Wii.

turok2813d ago

Take off Mad World and No More Heroes and Im fine with the list. Eclusives should remain exclusives...

mcgrawgamer2812d ago

isn't no more heroes already coming to the ps3 as well as 360? I'd think NMH 2 would be on the way as well.

wouldn't mind seeing epic mickey in HD though. and unless they give mad world some type of co-op feature they can keep it

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