Why Call Of Duty's crown is under threat

COD4, then, still stands as an industry-changing classic. But what was it that made IW's game stick out so conspicuously back in 2007 - in a market with its fair share of brilliant FPS titles?

The fact IW went back to the drawing board; reset the franchise and implemented a bundle of never-before-seen tricks that now define the genre.

It's a fillip EA has learnt from: And the reason Medal Of Honor is the biggest threat to COD's dominance of the market in over three years.

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Karlnag33055d ago

as far as I'm concerned it already fell off and landed on BFBC2s head and is now teetering on the edge of that thanks to the painfully boring and short single player, and multiplayer/server issues which are taking a while to fix.

RockmanII73055d ago

IMO it will be passed to Perfect Dark until the Halo Reach beta is released. Come June when the beta ends, Halo 3 will be king again.