CVG: Perfect Dark XBLA Review

Andy Robinson writes:

"How many modern day shooters can you name that include a full campaign co-op, counter-op, fully customizable (even down to weapon spawns) splitscreen multiplayer, intelligent and varied deathmatch bots and multiplayer challenges? We could go on. For a near-ten-year-old game, Perfect Dark stands up incredibly well in 2010. But that's not to say it's aged without some wrinkles."

A solid 2010 upgrade for an excellent multiplayer game and slightly aged solo experience. Worth both a revisit and a new plunge.

* Fantastic multiplayer
* Inventive arsneal
* Finally a decent framerate

* Solo AI is rubbish
* Mission design has aged

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Al Bundy3081d ago

Whoa, that's a lower score than it got 15 years ago on the N64.

-MD-3081d ago

Why are you surprised? The game is 10 years old how could the score possibly go up? FPS gameplay has evolved in those 10 years and all this game has is a graphics overhaul.