New Medal of Honor contains AC-130

On a few new screenshots of the newest addition to the Medal of Honor series you can see the game will contain an AC-130, but you also see that there is the Holographics Sight attachment for your weapon set.

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TheBand1t3114d ago

I remember Desert Combat where I flew my own AC-130.

Good times, good times....

threesixty4li4e3114d ago

go figure............

these FPS games are driving me up the wall. they are all the freaking same.

kay_one3114d ago

If you're talking about MW2, BC2 and MOH, well they should be. They're all based on modern combat and are action packed FPS games. Thus they'll probably have some similarities, but gameplay-wise they'll probably be very different from each other.

Anyway, what did you expect? This is not the sci-fi genre where the developers can come up with just about any ridiculous idea they can think of. IF you're implying that MOH is 'exactly the same' as MW2 just because they both have the AC-130, then you're an idiot and need to go back to your Queers of War 2 or your Alan Fake.

DecoyOctopus3114d ago

well they are based on real life dumbass they cant just design a fictional plane, if you check out videos on youtube there are 12 year olds who think Infinity ward came up with the design for the weapons and vechicles in the game , i saw a video of the intervention and some retard said "this weapon is a ripoff from modern warfare 2!" /facepalm

awesomeperson3114d ago

Hey, wasn't the AC130 in the announcement trailer, I can't remember properly but I think I remember it... Actualyl I think it was a chopper? It was some air vehicle can't remember exactly now though :(

soulzero3114d ago

Again some kiddie blockbuster. Whats wrong with the gaming industry these days?