GDC isn't just for developers

Yesterday, Sony's GDC Press Conference disappointed many gamers. Others quickly rushed to Sony's defense claiming that GDC isn't for consumers, it's for developers, and so we shouldn't be expecting any announcements. But is this actually true or yet another excuse for a poor performance?

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saint_john_paul_ii3121d ago

LBP and Home were announced at GDC in 2007 because the topic at GDC was play create, share, socialization, and a new way to create revenue off games.

Gears 2 was announced in GDC in 2008 because it was Unreal Engine 3.5 related.

The Move was fully unvieled during GDC because it was to shore developers new ways to game on HD consoles.

GDC is strictly for developers. 25% of the stuff shown there is for the consumers.

WildArmed3120d ago


lets bash Sony if they bother to show up..
or lets bash Sony if they 'chickened out' and didnt show up.

Wow. So the world is really getting dumber.