Molyneux Unconvinced By Sony Move?

IncGamers has learned that Peter Molyneux, head of Lionhead Studios and general gaming guru, has tweeted that the Move, the latest motion controller from Sony, "seems similar to the wii".

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Maticus2814d ago

Sour grapes? We know he's following Natal...

LordMarius2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

The sky is blue and water is wet

deadreckoning6662814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

All I gotta say is the the PS MOVE is CLEARLY better than the Wii. Im still not interested yet though, everything that was shown was pre-alpha. And Molyneux DIDN'T say anythg incorrect. It is similar to the Wii.

If anythg, the title is misleading.

Mr_Bun2814d ago

Here's his exact tweet:
"Hear things about sony's arc it seems similar to the wii. Today I am talking to more devs saw some cool concepts yesterday."

Doesn't sound like he's "unconvinced" to me

2814d ago
gaffyh2814d ago

The fact that it IS similar to the Wii is the reason why there will be more support for it. Any major 3rd party Wii game will come to PS3 because they'll know that it's a similar control scheme and they won't have to change much. Sony also made it easy for Wii devs to port games, and devs are now saying that the tools are very easy to use.

Example, MadWorld could easily come to PS3 now, Monster Hunter Tri, pretty much ANY 3rd party Wii game, and you know that Nintendo won't pay for exclusivity, because that's not how they roll. Also this means that Nintendo will ramp up on their own games, they've been taking it easy for far too long, they need Natal and Move to give a kick up the backside and get them working for us gamers!

acedoh2814d ago

Maybe that will help make it get a lot more support. It will be interesting to see how they implement it into games.

vhero2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Hows that tweet say he's unconvinced?? How is it being similar to a control that basically made 56 million people buy a souped up gamecube a bad thing (imagine what it would do for PS3 if it made people buy a souped up gamecube)? Also this guy has been on MS pay cheque for a long time now people or at least STRONG incentives lets get that clear.

Foliage2814d ago

Sorry Molyneux, you have never done anything to prove that you're someone that should be listened to in this industry.

Try creating a game that didn't completely miss the mark for once, at least when that ever happens you can pretend like you have the gift of foresight. Until then, stick to what you know. Little boy play time simulators...

presto7172814d ago

Seeing as how him and his friend / partner milo are the poster boys for natal. Did anyone expect him to praise Move?

oh come on!!

Christopher2814d ago

PSMove is just as much like the Wii as Natal is like the EyeToy.

joemayo762814d ago

and Natal seems strangely similar to the PS eye(toy). . .

Immortal3212814d ago

and biased towards the 360, I don't think any of the 360 games score are straight forward.

JokesOnYou2814d ago

yeah, talk about Captain Obvious, its definitely a wii-ripoff from sony....might as well call it "wii-move" by sony, and I dont doubt for a second the same sony folks who bash Natal relentlessly would be calling out micro for "lack of innovation", if this was a micro product. lol


goflyakite2814d ago

Gamers unconvinced by Microsoft's Natal?

Some say, "..seems similar to PS Eye."

Does anyone care what this guy has to say?

Alvadr2814d ago

I never listen to what he says to be honest..

The Molyneux effect
Whenever discussing his next game he always talks about ridiculous boundries that the game will reach. He has all these wonderful and farfetched ideas, unfortunatly Lionhead are not a great studio.

How many of his ideas actually make the final product and are anywhere near to what he describes...

EVILDEAD3602814d ago

LOL @ Jokes on You..

Wii Move!! LOL..+bubbles..that one actually might stick..

I'm joking..that's my imitation of the usual suspects who have spent 2010 in Natal Hate mode..

On subject..

Natal took so many hits this is fair for the Wii 'Move'..oops my get a couple of rib shots..

But the fact is..Peter didn't lie..because everyone on the planet is thinking the same thing..and PS3 fans can't hide behind the 'Sony reps never talks about the Xbox 360' thing anymore..because they have all year..

PS3 to Nintendo..check..your move


tizack2814d ago

Seriously, why do we care what he thinks about playstation products. As far as I am concerned, fable 1 was way overhyped and disappointed me greatly, then along came fable II claiming to be everything 1 wasn't and I was even more let down with it... the games should have been named flop and flop 2. I am very leary about fable 3. This guy talks big but never delivers. That being the case he should be the very last person to throw mud at what other people are producing...

SECRETzSQUIRREL2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

This Move controller by Sony actually works Unlike Microsoft's regular practice of ripping off there customers, in this case its called Natal which is OLD Technology that FAILED TERRIBLY at there 1st attempt.
If any of you recall Back when Xbox360 Came out with there OVERPRICED Camera it included a Game Called TOTEM BALL, The object of this game is to MOVE THE BALL AROUND WITH YOUR HANDS (no controller and just like Natal). It took hours just to Find the right combination of standing at the right distance and adjusting the lights in the room just to get this crap of a idea to work.
Here is a video Of Totem Ball /Natal version 1-->
Needless to say Microsoft's Hand Motion technology Barley worked at best,While the Sun burn from having to put 4 Lamps around me just so MS's Motion Technology would work has cleared up.

The bottom line here is That Microsoft knows that there talking out there bung hole with Natal and trying to push yet another Failure product with only Profit in mind, There getting upset that Sony once again has done it correctly.

sid4gamerfreak2814d ago

Pls, Molyneux stop embarrassing urself. We all know who you support and don't support so this is not surprising news. Im sick of these retarded articles...

harrisk9542814d ago

Like he is somehow a "futurist" ... a forward-thinking developer who looks toward the future... *Throws up*

On point... From the article:

"Although the Eyetoy will also be required, one has to wonder what purpose that fulfils."

Ummmm, it is called the PS Eye... and it is what makes the Move so precise. Great reporting!!

WildArmed2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

If he can deliver Fable 3, he words will hold some water.
But after Fable 2, I'm am just looking for a reason to stop looking forward to fable franchise at all.

But I do agree, just like how Natal is an PSeye improvement.
PS Move is a Wii-wand improvement.

DaTruth2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

And Natal is similar to Eyetoy! What is your point?

Only difference is waggle has been successful and Eyetoy hasn't. If I were going to copy something...

@JOY: It's like you didn't read a single post in here! But I know you're pretending just so you can go on your usual Sonyboys rant again! And Evildead following you up also pretending their aren't 100 posts of PS3 owners saying, "yes it is, so what!?" It's only you 360 dudes deluding yourselves that Natal isn't an Eyetoy. One day, if you ignore our posts enough and keep pretending, you will actually believe in your heart we are as bad as you!

RedDragan2814d ago



HolyOrangeCows2814d ago

Translation: "I'm frightened to death of PS3 Move completely overshadowing Natal"

EVILDEAD3602814d ago

'And Evildead following you up also pretending their aren't 100 posts of PS3 owners saying, "yes it is, so what!?" It's only you 360 dudes deluding yourselves that Natal isn't an Eyetoy. One day, if you ignore our posts enough and keep pretending, you will actually believe in your heart we are as bad as you!'

Once need to rename yourself FAR FROM 'Da Truth'..what are you even talking about? Once again you are making up something to argue about..but don't even read what the people wrote that you start arguments with..

I don't have to prove how 'bad' or even hypocritical people are on this site..I just state the facts..natal got bashed and now people are eating their words and reversing their stance on motion controls

This isn't fiction..this is what YOU wrote with your own keyboard a couple of months ago..

'Seriously, this whole Natal affair has me believing all 360 owners are fanboys. There is just not one single 360 owner not hailing this as God!

I have yet to see even one PS3 owner who is hyped for motion controls! Sony making it, is not a reason to like it, unlike you guys and MS! We've rejected them like 5 times already'

Raise your hands if you NOW see 'one PS3 owner who is hyped for motion controls'...

Thanks for easily proving my point


pixelsword2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I mean, look what he did for Natal, if you follow me.

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LordMarius2814d ago

Sorry Molyneux but the Move isn't for pedophiles

Noble Spartan2814d ago

Yep even majority of PS3 fan accept the Move looks like a epic fail. I mean straight rip-off from wii.

Move = Wii Motion Plus.

avengers19782814d ago

of course former xbox head would say something like that. Really the Move showed off more capabilites then the Natal, by far, oh and it actually works with exsisting titles.

rekonizakilla2814d ago

Molyneux Unconvinced By Sony Move?

That's a bullsh1t title for you right there. All the freak says is that it seems similar to the wii.

I think that's a fair assessment.

RedDragan2814d ago


And we are listening to a guy who had to cancel a 3rd, that right... A THIRD.... 33%.... THIRTY THREE PERCENT!!!!!.... of all the games his company ever worked on?!

Also, wasn't this the guy who said there were things in his games... which turned out to be a lie?!

Please, somebody tell me how this guy is a respectable developer?!

Oh yes, Mr. Molyneux. We should all take note of what you have to say indeed! LMFAO!

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Alcon Caper2814d ago

Well, here's the actual full tweet:

"Hear things about sony's arc it seems similar to the wii. Today I am talking to more devs saw some cool concepts yesterday."

Anyone who denies that it IS similar to the wii is retarded. Just take the tweet for what it's worth and stop looking into everything...

Mr_Bun2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I don't think anyone would deny it...The same way that the 360 dashboard mirrors nintendo's miis.
Sony is definitely attempting to attract the wii users

butterfinger2814d ago

it's funny how we have all of these little articles popping up reading too much into what people are saying. First, Engadget says that one game in the pre-alpha stage is laggy and N4PS3G writes a blog about how Engadget said Move was laggy and worse than the Wii. Now, we have people trying to make a big fuss about Molyneux saying that it is similar to the Wii. Who cares? I wonder if we are going to get a bunch of articles about Natal being laggy or how it is similar to the EyeToy. This is all rubbish.

Baka-akaB2814d ago

the prob isnt if it's true or not .

It is just that obvious that molyneux as an interested party hardly had credible input in the matter ... just like Sony devs wouldnt be credible when it comes to natal .

wicko2814d ago

It's not just similar to the Wii, its what the Wii should have been in the first place.

IncGamers is just looking for hits with a title like that.

WildArmed2814d ago

You dont need Sherlock to figure that out.

PS Move came from Wiimotes.
Natal came from PSeye.

But ofc there will be some people who only agree with one of those statements.
*cough* fanboys *coughs*

DaTruth2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

They actually think PS3 owners are as deluded as them! You guys are the only ones kidding yourselves! Move is a Wii copy and Natal is an Eyetoy copy! You guys are the only ones who can't see this.

But then I guess it wouldn't be a revolution in gaming if you guys faced that!

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Leord2814d ago

Well, it's a lot like the Wii :)