IGN - GDC 10: PlayStation Move Coverage Wrap-Up

All of the announcement's biggest news and impressions in one easy place.

Sony finally unveiled its motion controller in full today at its GDC 2010 press conference. Officially called the PlayStation Move, the controller actually has two separate pieces. The main Move portion is what was shown at E3 2009 and features a glowing ball on the end that the PlayStation Eye (the camera) uses to locate its location. This half features an analog trigger on the back, a big, main button on the front, and the standard PlayStation face buttons (X, Circle, Square and Triangle).

The press conference was filled with news, demos and videos, and after the conference was over we were able to get our hands on a bunch of the games for ourselves. All of our coverage on the PlayStation Move and its demoed games are compiled here for your easy browsing.

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