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Mandaspt2808d ago

Totally amazed by these screens.

Montrealien2808d ago

yep, looking good as always. Such a great franchise.

StanLee2808d ago

I'm liking the darker tone. It seems Fable 3 will be more action adventure than RPG though.

CoderDunn2808d ago

Looks good, I just hope the game play and story is better than Fable II.

ImmortalLegend2808d ago

I've really enjoyed the Fable series and hope that continues with Fable 3. I pray that they've fixed the loading! That was the most annoying thing with Fable 2. Also, I hope they expand more on the co-op because it was pretty much useless on Fable 2.

TheXgamerLive2808d ago

the coop is gonna rock, and there even letting people marry in coop, ha ha

plb2808d ago

Really nice looking.

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The story is too old to be commented.