GDC: Epic and Valve unite in Steamworks/UE3 deal

Two giants of the PC and indie scene have joined forces in a move that will give Unreal Engine 3 users access to the Steamworks suite of services.

And in a joint statement, Epic Games and Valve both announced that Unreal Engine 3 users will be able to use Steamworks tools completely free of charge for both digital download and boxed versions of their games.

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Charmers3113d ago

Well firstly I wouldn't class Epic as a "giant" of the PC world. I think most PC gamers consider Epic's attitude towards the PC these days as disgusting.

I guess this will encourage "indie" development on the PC. However I have learnt that nothing is "free" in this life so I have to wonder what Epic and Valve's intentions are with all this.

Any way we will see what we shall see I can't see Epic ever really getting involved in PC gaming again, which is no biggie to me.