PS3 and Xbox Missing Out on TrueMotion Controllers Due to Being "Closed Systems"

NG writes:

"Talking to Negative Gamer at GDC, Sixense, the makers of the TrueMotion controller, have said that whilst they would like to see their controllers become "completely ubiquitous" they are going to remain PC exclusive for the time being."

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IdleLeeSiuLung3175d ago

The manufacturer can control what experience the user will see, as opposed to an open platform where the user is free to see all the bad things that might turn them off.

It's like Windows... How often do you see it crash? How often do you hear complaints? Yet, the vast majority if basically not all problems stem from 3rd party software!

Run stock Windows and you won't have a problem!

andron3175d ago

PS3 uses blue tooth, but I doubt they would like the competition to Move...