PlayStation Move: Five ideas we'd like to see

GamesRadar: At GDC '10 Sony put the world out their misery by announcing the name of their motion controller - the PlayStation Move. After everyone stopped laughing and saying "Really?" over and over Sony showed the games that their Mega Wands - which is what we'd have called them - will control. And let's be honest, they're fairly under-whelming.

Dangling it over EyePet to make him jump? Yawn. The Shoot - an on-rails, light gun game? Per-lease. Even including it in SOCOM 4 seems to dilute the hardcore nature of the series. Sure it's all in glorious HD but it's the same tripe that Wii owners have had to suffer since launch day.

But it seems that most huge publishers are signed up to support Move so we might not have to wait long before we start seeing some genius ideas being used with it. So on that note, here's a little list of what we'd like to see from the companies already backing the Move-ment...

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rockleex3173d ago

Ape Escape in 3D with PS Move.

The Last Guardian in 3D with PS Move.

Demon's Souls in 3D with PS Move.

Heavy Rain in 3D with PS Move.

MGS Rising in 3D with PS Move, playing as a real cyborg ninja this time!

Dynasty Warriors with PS Move? :P

NateNater3173d ago

3D paired with PS Move would be amazing! I hope Sony are working on pairing the two together in the near future.