Go! Gaming Giant: Medal of Honor Preview and Screenshots

Recently, Go! Gaming Giant attended Electronic Arts' "Spring" into Spring event and was given the first ever public viewing of EA's newest Medal of Honor game. While at the event, Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer for Medal of Honor, explained some of the theory behind what went into the series' newest installment as well as demonstrated one of the game's levels. In addition to previewing the new Medal of Honor, Go! Gaming Giant also received the newest screenshots for the game.

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omicron0093120d ago

MoH has gotten completely overshadowed by CoD these last few years, good to see the series is continuing and improving.

Mario Mergola3120d ago

Yea it is absolutely true. Greg even hinted at the fact that they have been hidden for a while and now is their time to take over.

Go Gaming Giant3120d ago

looking good, can't wait to see some actual footage

Murgatroyd73120d ago

Not really my kind of game, but it sounds like a fun event.

RaymondM3120d ago

I remember the glory days of Medal of honor. but yes, nowadays I'd rather play Call of Duty.
Good stuff, good writing btw