Playstation Move: The Good, The Expensive, and the Potentially Awesome

Loot Ninja writes:

"By now you have all heard about the huge news coming out of GDC. The PS3 is finally getting the motion controller that has been rumored for months. It's called the PS Move and could very well be a huge avenue for potential on the console. The $64,000 is, should we get excited and should this be on all of our holiday gaming lists? If the chance of dual wielding blades as Kratos in God of War 3 is even a remote possibility, I'm on board already."

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drunkpandas3121d ago

My hope is that developers got all the "tech demo" games out of their system on the Wii and solid titles come out from the start for the Move.

McCullster3121d ago

This should bring motion controllers to the next level with actual next gen graphics. Nintendo is slowly slipping away into the nursing homes.....LITERALLY!