What Sony Should Have Done With Move: 5 Better Ideas

NG: We're not very impressed with what we've seen so far, so a gaggle of games journos from the UK's leading independent games magazines tries to do better.

We are not out to knock Sony here. Quite the opposite. Like a charming and beloved underachiever, we just want it to do better. Muted shrugging is now sweeping the office like viral palsy. Nary a games journalist is able to explain what it is exactly to be whelming, but the dozen or so with whom we've consulted seem pretty sure that Sony's 'Move' resides somewhere under it...

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prodg523173d ago

is a little premature. This was the GDC. The purpose of this conference was to introduce the tech to game companies to make these types of games. Since when have the best games come out on release?


People think GDC is like a conference like E3 2010.

nycredude3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Yeah I am sure nowgamer is better at making consoles and gaming devices than Sony, Nintendo, and MS. Might as well just listen to them from now on! Give me a break. How were they not somewhat impressed? I am pretty excited to see the potential here.

What do you guys think would have happened if Sony has listen to all the armchair know it alls when the Ps3 released? We would all have no choice but to buy either a 360 or a Wii!!!

raztad3173d ago

Come on Nowgamer. You now nothing about peripherals and stuff. Stick to your thing, WHERE is your GoW3 review?