Next Red Faction Planned For 2011, Focus on Franchise's Roots

In an interview with Joystiq during the 2010 Game Developer's Conference, THQ's executive VP of Core Games Danny Bilson let a few new details slip about the upcoming sequel to the critical-smash hit Red Faction: Guerrilla.

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maawdawg3196d ago

RF:G was really overlooked last year by a lot of people even though it reviewed very well. It had an extremely varied and fun multiplyaer that was very under-rated as an aspect to the game. I wish people were still playing like they were last year. The campaign was good, even if you only like the destruction aspect, it was worth the playthrough. Considering the quick price drops to $40 last year and how cheap it is now used and new you should go grab it for a run through if you missed it.

As a fan of the first couple games in the series I am glad to see they are going to go back to the "roots of the game". The open world idea was nice but it led to a slower pace and a lot of boring driving in the last game. Bringing everything together in a tighter underground space and keeping the insane destruction should make the second game more enjoyable.