Medal of Honor - Executive Producer Video Interview

DualShockers writes: "A little over a week ago, DualShockers had the privilege of attending an EA media Day in NYC. While there we had the chance to check out some of EA upcoming lineup. Now while you've had the chance to see some of that coverage in the past few days (Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in 3D and Skate 3 Interview) you haven't seen the biggest title we were most excited for, and that was Medal of Honor. And while we weren't allowed to take any videos (not even audio) of what we saw, we will have full impressions up Shortly. However we did have a chance to chat with executive producer Greg Goodrich about the upcoming shooter and got as many juicy details as we could squeeze out of him. Check out the video interview below!"

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Chadness3053d ago

Well done interview, as always!

JoelT3053d ago

this is one of my most anticipated titles of the fall!

JoelT3053d ago

this game destroys MW2!

IG_DARKSA1NT3053d ago

This game will make my year! No doubt.

iiprotocolii3053d ago

This game is going to be insane. The sound was just incredible and the fact that EA actually got to work with an actual division of the military that actually do these missions is even more incredible. Can't wait for this game.

Hitman07693053d ago

Wow that really is pretty cool. I wish more games would take the realism approach, it seems like lately we are on a almost never-ending bender of Arcade and/or Sci-fi shooters in the industry. Hopefully MoH and Socom will change that.

Ninferno3053d ago

this sounds good, but it aint no mw2.

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