Sony Santa Monica: 'The Possibilities Are Endless' From Now On

CC: God of War III is the final stage of Kratos' story, and for months now Sony Santa Monica have stated that it doesn't mean the end of the franchise. So what's next? They're not sure, but are definitely excited about what lies ahead.

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Nitrowolf22928d ago

oh man i can't wait for their next project

scruffy_bear2928d ago

There was a old rumour that they were working on a RPG

mjolliffe2928d ago

I'm guessing they'll get 3 games (including GOW3) out for the PS3, then it's the PS4 :)

Venatus-Deus2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

They will already know what’s next and the core concept designers & art people that worked on GoW3 will have started 12-18 months ago. Those types of in-house resources are not going to be working on a game adding polish in the final 12 months of the GoW product lifecycle. They are also not going to have 100 developers sit around for a few months until they figure out whats next.

Most in SM studio will not know the direction, but a few top people from Sony, Allan Becker & John Height almost certainly do.

Montrealien2928d ago

I have been lucky enough to be playing GoW 3 early and it is truly amazing. Santa Monica Studios is one of the best imho. I even got back into Blast Factor this morning since I just realized it got a trophy patch, and that is one hell of a shooter.

Manny Pacquiao2928d ago

there's gonna be more like this game,
like you know..

Enate2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I hope its an rpg because someone seriously needs to make a run at the top rpg. Every genre has seen great improvements in all areas of the specific genre except jrpgs. I really hope its Legend of Dragoon 2 or another jrpg because I think they are one of the few that can get Square Enix to notice. Hey you are not the only one who can make a jrpg with good graphics welcome to the current gen. An that's the message I think Square needs to be hit with right now so they can focus. On the important aspects of why a lot of us still play Xenogears, Suikoden II, FFVII, FFVIII, Crono Trigger and many other PS1 JRPGS.

Immortal3212928d ago

God of War3 is massively violent, and truly a M rated game. I advise no kids to play this game.

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gameseveryday2928d ago

with Playstation 3, the possibilities are endless.

theEnemy2928d ago

First Part Devs are the reason why it will be endless.

movements2928d ago

Endless indeed. And with two other titles in the works, it's win for PS3 owners.

Darkfiber2928d ago

I hope they make a new IP next, not a God of War spin off...

Dipso2928d ago

I'd love to see Santa Monica put the God of War spin on Celtic mythology, we've had East Asian, Nordic, Roman, Greek and Persian influenced games but nobody has attempted to bring the hero's and pagan god's of the British Isles to gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.