Diehard GameFAN: Myst Review (NDS)

Diehard GameFAN writes, "MYST doesn't really need an introduction. It's a series that has been around for almost as long as I have been on this Earth. During its long tenure, it has spawned multiple sequels and a few remakes. In particular, one of these remakes was of the original MYST for the Nintendo DS, which was released in May of 2008. The game was developed by Cyan/Hoplite Research and published by Empire Interactive.

For those of you (myself included) who missed out on this gem, let me provide you with a little background of this original remake for the DS. From what I've read and seen, this particular remake was a small glimpse into what Hell may be like. That is to say, it is what Hell may be like if you were sent there and forced to explore its many levels with a magnifying glass, a typewriter, and camera while solving puzzles along the way. The blurry visuals, unforgiving stylus controls and shoddy soundtrack made this once beloved classic a complete disaster. But I'm not here to bash the remake for the DS or tell you something you most likely know already; I'm here to pose the question as to why a new publisher would take on the task of attempting to fix this mess. Perhaps someone lost an office bet, or perhaps they respected the original MYST too much to let its image be tarnished in such a way. Regardless, Storm City Games decided to hike up its man pants and attempt to fix what some felt was unfixable."

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