Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker New Gameplay Trailer

Kojima is planning a series of 10 pure gameplay trailers for MGS PW leading up to the Japanese release on 29th April. The first trailer is out today.

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Nitrowolf23116d ago

i can't wait for this, i need to buy a new psp

rockleex3116d ago

Was that Snake lying on the ground, and then saying "Woohoo!"?

devsgreat3116d ago

focus in furtive action...OMG in my opinin this can be one of the best metal gears solid games ever...GIVE ME A PSP!

captain-obvious3116d ago

this should have been on the PS3

Noctis Aftermath3116d ago

Now this is a system seller, hopefully it's over 30 hours long.

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Raf1k13116d ago

I've only ever played MGS4 from the MGS franchise so I can't compare this to other MGS games but I'm liking the look of this game-play.

AngryFork3116d ago

Go play the other ones, right now. You don't deserve to play 4 or Peace Walker if you haven't, period. This franchise is about 3 things, gameplay, little fanboy nuances/nostalgia, and story, 2/3 of which you're oblivious to.

Even the gameplay you are too since MGS1-3 were so different from 4.

Raf1k13116d ago

Yeah I know MGS4 isn't the same which is why I mentioned it while saying I have nothing to compare it to. I intend to play the others though I don't have a PS2 and was hoping they'd do HD versions at some point.

Maybe I should borrow a copy and use an emulator as my PC should be powerful enough to run it.

dredgewalker3116d ago

Just buy a PS2 cause its so damned cheap along with some used copies. Its much easier than trying to run it on an emulator. I don't even know if there are good emulators out there for the PS2 cause the last ones i tried were depressing.

2FootYard3116d ago

I'm hoping for a PS2 port. Although buying a PSP wouldn't be so bad but with so many games this year it definitely isn't a top priority.

AngryFork3116d ago

Wish this was on PS3. The controls for PSP are always bastardized, i truly hate PSP controls without a 2nd analog stick.

dredgewalker3116d ago

Agreed. It was hard playing Portable Ops cause i was so used with the PS2 control scheme.

raztad3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Your whining is not changing the fact Game is not on the PS3 but on the PSP. Every control system just requires to get used to it. It usually happens after some practice.

Happy PSP owner here. Game will be mine.

ThatArtGuy3116d ago

Hopefully they can port it to the PS2 like the GTA Stories series. Then they can make a Remastered version for PS3.

In my dreams.

gillri3116d ago

yeah im getting this but why on PSP? PS3 would have been awesome

Whitefox7893116d ago

Mainly because Kojima wants to get out to a broader audience, and you have to understand in Japan portable gaming is more popular then console gaming since everyone is constantly on the move.

AngryFork3116d ago

Yea also the game could be done quicker and with less resources than a full scale PS3 game. I would've preferred a PS2 game to PSP though to be honest just because of controls.

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The story is too old to be commented.