'Heads-Up' PlayStation Store Update (11th March 2010)

Ross McGrath writes:

"Howdy everyone and welcome to your 10th 'Heads-Up' of the 2010. How the weeks fly by! Once again I'm standing in for Mike while he's away working hard so it falls to me to deliver the gaming goodness.

For your PS3 this week, we've got Capcom's sublime Mega Man 10 in all his 8-bit glory – retro gaming at its finest (and most challenging)."

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kenpachi3204d ago

finally Final Fantasy Dissidia for PSP Go

Alvadr3204d ago

Finally, Return to Ostagar expansion

Corrwin3204d ago

From the PSOne selection, I wish they'd kept it that way!

Usually there's a good selection, but we have been spoilt over the last few weeks. And the Special Offers are quite good :)

Cross1133204d ago

Can't wait for afterburner!!

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The story is too old to be commented.