Metro 2033 Doesn't Feature Re-Spawning Enemies

CC: You all remember re-spawning enemies in the single-player campaign of a blockbuster title. To put it simply, it's boring and confusing for any gamer. Luckily, THQ and 4A Games have cleared up rumours that their upcoming survival horror Metro 2033 features them.

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scruffy_bear3117d ago

Brilliant as I hate Respawning ememies :)

mjolliffe3117d ago

Yep, remember COD4? And Activision were complaining that nobody was playing the single-player :P

DelbertGrady3117d ago

And they didn't remove it for MW 2 either. I hated it in both. Removes any form of strategic gameplay. You basically get rid of the enemies by moving to the next checkpoint. Shooting feels redundant.

toaster3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

"You basically get rid of the enemies by moving to the next checkpoint. Shooting feels redundant."

I only played the singleplayer in CoD4 up to the point where you use night vision and you're in this open field or something near a shack and I sat there trying to kill everyone. But basically what you're saying is that if I just sprinted to the next checkpoint I would've been clear? WTF?!

StanLee3117d ago

Yep, that's exactly how it works.

kingme713117d ago

Unfortunately, that is the strategy in earlier CoD games. A friend and I would play just by rushing ahead like a madman and surprisingly, most parts of the game were easier to get through then trying to hold your ground. MW2 didn't seem as bad in this regard. A few places were like that, but overall felt like they didn't overdo the spawning like WaW.

pangitkqb3117d ago

Respawning enemies is one of the fastest ways to ruin immersion.

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gameseveryday3117d ago

is this feature included in the multiplayer mode?

mjolliffe3117d ago

There isn't a multiplayer mode :P

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33117d ago

I see what you did there. You think you're slick don't you? Lol, most people won't get that joke anyway ;)

Al Bundy3117d ago

Is there really no multi player mode? I haven't heard that.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33117d ago

Did you? Bubbles to you then...

toaster3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Yeah this is supposed to be singleplayer only. I think it's a good thing that it is as the devs put more effort into the SP instead of doing a halfassed job at making SP and MP. They put more resources in making the SP better and drawing the player in with story and all that good stuff.

DelbertGrady3117d ago

That might be the reason why it will have a retail price at $39. I hope the SP is worth it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

No MP mode that's why this game is $40 :) a $40 game that looks better than anything on the PS3 and is longer than GOW3.

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movements3117d ago

Man, this game looks promising! I personally can't wait!

stuntman_mike3117d ago

this game is looking like a great entry into the FPS horror.

funkycoldmedina3117d ago

Also see DOOM, S.T.A.L.K.E.R (THQ) and Bioshock series. For me DOOM 3 is the cheapest closet spawning environmentally scariest game I've ever experienced. Blast the volume and every and any sound will put you on red alert. Dead Space and Resident Evil series have nothing on DOOM 3 in terms of psychological effects.

A lot of people hated it in 2003/04, but I think it was more of being too scared to continue on even with flash light mod (PC, not sure about Xbox). That game just felt evil from start to end. So evil to the point of not giving default weapon and flashlight use at the same time. Give player BB Gun weaponry, check. Give flashlight, check. Can't use both at same time in one of the literally darkest game ever created with tight corridors, check.

stuntman_mike3114d ago

yeah DOOM 3 was scary, still havent completed it lol.

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